Events following death of Simon Hall


10th March 2014

Excerpts of Message sent to Halls wife by Shaun Hall

Simon even saw mum recently and told her all about the truth about the confession. We have access to all of these things but I don’t want a war or carry on with this stupidity, let my family and his friends say goodbye please I beg you. If it meant I don’t go then can you let everyone else? I don’t want to go down the solicitor and police route, it’s tiresome and were both better than all of this. Please see sense about his parents and friends.

and then another followed not long after;

I see you decided against seeing sense and being human. That’s fine with me and I’ll pas it all over to Selene at inquest. I have everything you have ever put online especially the stuff about Simon last year and also letters from Simon about your divorce and your lies. It’s a shame you has to play games. We only wanted to say goodbye to our simon. You never knew the real simon and you never will now. You did this and I blame you for his death. Take care and see you in court.

13th March 2014

Message from Halls brother Kelvin Walton to Hall’s wife;

Referring to his sister;

Hi steph i dont know how to forward on the message but she sent it at 17.39 yesterday. it says: kelvin just to let you know that you are not allowed to simons funeral. me shaun and steph believe that i should be there as ive never met simon and this will be my only chance. take this how you want but weve all agreed. so abide by this as we dont want trouble. I wrote it down word for word and wrote it again in this text. when i saw the name steph thats why i rang you. hope this help. speak soon

Kelvin befriended Halls wife following Simon Halls death and told her he was not in contact with any of Simon Halls biological or adoptive family members. He had agreed to not release the date of Halls funeral to anyone.

He had been to visit his brother at the Chapel of rest and agreed to be a pallbearer at his funeral.

On the day of the funeral it became apparent to all that he had gone against his agreement; but rather than take responsibility for this he blamed ‘a scottish man?’

He also backed out at the last minute and decided he wouldn’t carry Halls coffin into the crematorium because he said after what he (it’s presumed he was referring to himself?) had done it didn’t feel right. Words to that effect.

March 2014

Simon Halls adoptive parents unexpectedly turn up at Halls wife’s home and post a letter through her door. The police were called and Halls parents are warned to stay away.

17th April 2014

Simon Halls funeral

18th April 2014

Message from Kelvin to Halls wife;

Also its like i said before a scottish man had already told everyone.”

and then another message followed not long after;


Hi steph i know you probably hate me but please believe me when i say i had a weak moment and thought simon needed his whole family around him for his last day. i wasnt playing you i only told them last night. i dont know if you noticed but i sat behind his family and yourself as i didnt want to cause any upset to any of you. its up to you whether you believe me or not. ps thank you for the easter egss for the kids it was really nice of you.

18th April 2014

Public statement made by Shaun Hall

A big thank you to everyone who came yesterday, Simon would have been touched by the love shown to his family. Keep smiling Si you’re always in our hearts

21st April 2014

Text message to Halls wife from Kelvin (Excerpt);

you stated to me in your phone conversation that you knew simon was going to end his life. you even read out the letter he wrote to you telling you how he wrote to you telling you how he was going to do it. but you didnt tell the prison. therefore simons death is on your hands so you will be held accountable for his death. i will be showing relevvant people the adoption records as you are not allowed to show anyone yet you are sharing them. if you had proof from simon that he didnt want his own family there then why not produce the letter. simon told me that he wanted to make amends with his family. the police will be informed of your actions. there is only one person to blame for simons death and thats you. you drove him to his death. its your fault hes not here today.

30th April 2014

Text message to Halls wife from Kelvin Walton;

Well i see your still alive. why dont you do everyone a favour and go kill yourself. the only people who that will turn up to your funeral will be making sure your definately dead.

May 2014


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18th June 2014

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20th June 2014

Lincs police confirm harassment PIN served re Mr Kelvin Walton






Sociopath and dupers delight

Dupers delight

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them” maya angelou

Sociopaths and Narcissists enjoy the art of duping, or the art of conning or whatever verb you want to inject. Everyday that you forgive the sociopaths behavior, believe the litany of lies, and give habitual second chances is only enabling the sociopath to continue this destructive behavior towards you {and children if you have them}.

The sociopaths use a mixture of words and sentences all scramble together to create the duper delight salad. Here are the ingredients of the salad:

abundance of meaningless and irrelevant facts {as they see them}
circular conversation that never ends
condescending tone, talking down to you
blaming, shaming, and denying and always having excuses
alternating from abuser to victim to back again
always right with their point of views
relentless in their verbal dissertation when wanting you to believe something {especially when you know to be untrue}
Why does a sociopath get a thrill out of duping you? Because it gives them a sense of pulling one over on someone. They also do this, like they do most things, to obtain something; sex, social status, domination,money, sympathy, housing, entertainment and so on. When a sociopath ‘gets away’ with something it gives them a sense of superiority. They have spent years mimicking other’s, never developing their own individuality, therefore just taking bits and pieces of the duper delight and what they have been able to personally gain from it. This is learned behavior they have in place, and all at the expense of an innocent person(s).

The sociopath is in constant forward motion keeping the duper delight mask on. All the while wearing the mask of model citizen, or highly respected in a chosen profession, a wonderful spouse/parent, or even an excellent neighbor etc. If they are caught they can blame the one incident on an innocent mistake, when in all reality this is their true character! Duping people, conning people out of whatever the sociopath feels they deserve is a normal way of life to the sociopath. More often than not you may find yourself hoping the sociopath will change and start doing the right thing. The sad truth is, most will not stop. Or are you self-driven to not say anything just to keep the peace? This just enables the sociopath to continue the same destructive behavior. Even when confronted, the sociopath will toss the salad and something else will come out of their mouth…..always keeping a level of confusion and exhaustion when dealing with them.


Flying monkeys denied

Why do abusive people lie, spread rumors, and make up malicious gossip? To shame and effectively isolate targets, that’s why. Narcissistic people are the ultimate social and emotional predators. Truly functional — rather than dysfunctional — they are vicious predators whose only intention is to win at all cost, competing in their own mind financially, physically, socially, and emotionally with every single person they project is competing actively or with intent in this life.

It’s totally normal for a person with a Cluster B personality disorder to pathologically lie, gaslight, and smear campaign. It might be absolutely dysfunctional and caustic to themselves and others, but the pattern is stereotypical.

Don’t expect to be able to avoid having to deal with their self-serving antics and shenanigans. Every narcissistic person you know who actively badmouths another person or group without that person or stereotype represented is keeping a major secret from you.

Guess what, “Narcissistic Supply Source”? If you think a narcissistic person is trustworthy because of their special interest or attachment to you, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.

The Narcissist or abusive person who connives to socially harm, damage, or invalidate the fundamental human and civil rights of others understands that what they are doing is morally wrong. They understand that lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating, and attempting to gaslight other people is wrong. They also know that lying to their friends, family members, and co-workers shows them little to no respect when and if they try recruiting Flying Monkey enablers.

Narcissistic people get off emotionally and psychologically based on the thought of getting away with something. They only show remorse for their actions when and if they are caught. There is no empathy for those traumatized by their behavior or feelings of guilt inspired by them causing other human beings social, emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual harm.

All people with Cluster B personality disorders behave in ways that are fundamentally narcissistic. Egocentric by nature, they learn from an early age how to manipulate people by lying to them or presenting partial truths mixed with cleverly nauseating twists they make up to socially embarrass their intended target in the event of an eventual breakup.

Narcissistic people will even go so far as to make up rumors and stories about the condition of their mate or target’s mental health in order to undermine their credibility should they ever try to break the silence as a victim. Totally self-centered, they interrupt the natural process of grief after a victim has already been traumatized, demanding attention while heaping on trauma by the pile. Read more flying monkey denied

Simon Hall’s blogs

Simon Halls blogs were dictated word for word by Hall to his wife over a recorded prison telephone. The only input Hall’s wife had was in relation to when he stated “no one really knows me” – the words “apart from my wife” were added.

8th December 2012 – Internet trolls

I hate all those internet trolls!

Nothing better to do than to sit at their computers chatting nonsense they know very little about, printing lies and starting controversy.

I bet they’re probably very bitter about some kind of rejection, Maybe their loved ones left them because they were inadequate, so they deflect their feelings of anger and resentment onto others, perhaps others who have overcome the terrible contraint of a situation like ours.

They see me, an Innocent man doing life for another mans crime and they see you, my gorgeous wife, who battles hard against the authorities and their incompetence, because she loves her man and all she wants is for him to be home.

And they hate her for it? Sick *****!

…so they spread rumours, post lies, and the mindless sheep believe the lies and buy into it.

How sick does a man have to be to lie about you putting up pictures of kids? WTF? Unless of course that too is a deflection and that’s actually a fragment of his own screwed up personality? Like the closet “straight man” who beats up gay’s to try to hide his own feelings about his true sexuality… perhaps he’s actually a ‘secret of his own?’

I bet some of these trolls have actually tried their luck with you in the past…. I know one of them has for definate. I wonder how many more of them found their wife or girlfriend in bed with their brother?

So you reject him too, and now he slates you online. It’s sh*t like that can turn a man into a rapist because he’ll have a power complex. A ticking time bomb! I’ve seen them walking these landings.

Others are just evil ***** or nosey know it alls. That last letter to the CCRC was awesome by the way, I couldn’t have written it better myself.if I tried. You’ve awesome! From those comments these morons don’t understand a single thing.

None of them truly care about MOJ’s. They just need direction to vent their own self-loathing so they pick on people when their low. You know,kick them when they’re down. Sad people. I laugh at them all! We will laugh at them. When we’re finally together and they’re still sat in their pants at their computers picking on someone else.

They’ll get their just desserts one day. They’ll come unstuck!

28th January 2013 – Message from Simon

It’s bit a long time since I have spoken out about anything, but with my recent move to open conditions after achieving category D status, the CCRC still investigating my case, speculation and hearsay about my alibi appearing online and endless abuse of my wife for years, this is long overdue.

I achieved category D status on the 1st November 2012 after being given a Guittard hearing. I was ill in bed at time my offender manager came to bring me the good news. I was chuffed to bits and so pleased that the parole panel had realised what I have known all along, that I am not a risk to the public. I expected a long wait for my move to Hollesley Bay due to a lack of spaces and I had witnessed other guys waiting a year for a space to come up. However, I found myself on the sweat box on the 30th November 2013 heading back to East Anglia after years of being so far away from home. It took 4 days to get here though! When I was about an hour away from the prison , I was told I would have to spend the weekend in HMP Chelmsford because we had been travelling for too long and there were 2 of us on the bus and only one space available at Hollesley Bay.

I found myself in the cell nextdoor to the cell I was in when I was on remand in 2003, just before my trial, which freaked me out and took me back all those years, reminding me of all the fears, anxiety and trepidation I felt as a 25 year old. It hadn’t changed much, 22-23 hour bang up and I was treated like an animal, although the other prisoners seemed a lot younger.

To cut a long boring and a little surreal weekend story short I am here at Hollesley bay. No walls, no gates, just an imaginary fence marked out by a few ‘no inmate beyond this point’ signs. Yes I could just walk off if I wanted to, but why would I do that and ruin all the hard work I’ve done to get here? Lets not forget I’m an appellant and I got here well before my next parole date. Most lifers do over tariff, most of the lifers who are maintaining innocence do well over there tariff. I wonder how many other people in my position progress through the system as successfully as I have. I wouldn’t mind finding out actually. All the screws in this prison tell me I have done well to get here this early. Its so much easier for Stephanie to get here too, so that’s a big worry off my mind. I don’t think people realise that is use to take her 4-5 hours to get to Portsmouth and sometimes much longer to get back home. I don’t know how many times she made that journey for me but she kept on making it. Now I am only 17 ½ miles away and I am so glad she doesn’t have to go through all of the hassle of travelling.

I wont say anymore about this prison because that is not why I am writing. I want people to see how I am doing and how I am feeling not my critique of HMP Hollesley Bay.

Most of you will be aware that the CCRC are still investigating my case. They have been for quite a few years now. What most people don’t know is that communication between the CCRC and me, Stephanie, Dr Naughton @ the University of Bristol and Gabe Tan aren’t brilliant. I don’t really want to criticise the CCRC and their protocols and procedures, because that could be seen as biting the hand that feeds you, but dealing with the CCRC is like banging your head against a brick wall.

There is no transparency, no real information, progress reports don’t tell us anything except that they cant tell us anything and they will contact us in due course. Stephanie has made submission after submission to the CCRC, after countless long days of constant investigation and study of the thousands of documents that make up the case papers (although Suffolk police clearly failed to disclose all documentation) all of it relevant, all of it missed or ignored by everyone else who has worked on this case. Some of it relates to crucial evidence that easily renders the fibre evidence invalid (for the second time) but the CCRC seem reluctant to act upon it and I don’t get it.

When we ask questions we are told that the CCRC don’t give information on a piecemeal basis. What? Why? I have been sitting in prison for over 10 ½ years for a crime I did not commit and you say you are helping but you wont tell me what is going on…….

We also can’t get statements, CCTV and access to evidence until the CCRC have made their decision. It doesn’t make sense. Stephanie’s endless work on this case is so close to fruition regarding the alternative viable suspects but now the CCRC are working on it, who can get the CCTV, statements and evidence, you would think they would share the information and we could all work together. Not happening.

Fibre experts in America who have also shared concerns about the fibre evidence were ready and willing to work on this case and we told the CCRC that, but they did nothing and the experts could have been finished by now.

There is still possible DNA that is definitely not mine that has yet to be tested. I just don’t get it!

Some people would think I am being foolish for openly criticising the CCRC, but if you were in my position you would be tearing your hair out too. At times you have to make decisions that can be perceived differently by different people, depending on your outlook on life.

That leads me nicely to what I am going to talk about next. There has been a small amount of speculation about me changing my alibi recently and lying to police. Not true. I’ll tell you about it now.

On the morning of 16th December 2001, while I was in Ipswich, sobering up with my mate, we came across an open window, at a company he used to work for, so we thought it would be a laugh to look around inside. I don’t know why I decided to pick up a couple of little CD players but I did along with a little locker. It was supposed to be a bit of fun but it was a stupid thing to do and I regret it. When I was interviewed by police and I was asked about my whereabouts I told them I was hanging around sobering up with a pal at Majors corner in Ipswich, from where I left a message on my parents answer phone at 5.01am, to say don’t worry I will be back in time for the journey to Grantham for our Christmas dinner with the extended family. Majors corner is nearby to the building I am referring to and is on my described route home so my alibi has not changed.

If you are wondering why I did not tell this to the police, well put yourself in my shoes for a minute -you have been arrested for murder as part of a ‘burglary gone wrong’ to mention that is to give the police motive and would be a prosecutors dream. In any case, they were trying to solve a murder that I did not commit and I really did not think I would be charged, prosecuted and found guilty. This was never linked to Joan Albert’s murder. Our fingerprints would have been everywhere because we were drunk and just messing about. I should now point out that the building I entered was fibre taped and no black flock, or polyester fibres were found there. Just like no fibres were found at the Old Rep & the Woolpack public houses and the chair (stool) I sat on when I got home. In fact, no fibres were found anywhere that I had been that night. Lets not forget than none of the witnesses who saw me that night said I was wearing black. Even Judith Cunnison, the prosecutions fibre expert said that the fibres in my cars were from secondary contact, not direct contact, so by her own admission I wasn’t wearing anything made from these fibres. Is this why the police have always been reluctant to hand over the CCTV evidence? My personal theory is that the fibres in the wardrobe at my parents house had been there for years and my clothing had simply picked them up….. secondary contact.

Anyway I digress. In the eyes of the law I committed a commercial burglary that night, but I didn’t break in and I had no intention of taking anything when I entered. Whatever your views are on this it does not make me a murderer! I didn’t lie to the police and it doesn’t change my alibi everything I told the police was true and I stand by my word.

The police built a case around me it was conviction by design. I know it and they know it. This latest information only recently came to relevance since I looked at all my paperwork again, not just with the fibres but with timings. There is no way I could have dropped Jamie off at 5.30am. Not after hanging around, going into the commercial premises, walking the route I gave to the police, and driving back from the Woolpack, where I had left my car and the keys behind the bar. We didn’t even leave Majors corner straight away. Food for thought isn’t it!?

I say to whoever reads this, make of it what you will. People seem to form opinions without knowing all the facts. Since my conviction I have learned that we did not know all the facts. The prosecution knew all the facts but carried on regardless, leaving the decision in the hands of the jury who didn’t know all the facts. People tend to be narrow minded and stubborn.

Only last night in fact, did I bare witness to the point I am trying to make here. Stephanie has been tirelessly working on my case for years. No one sees the all nighters she pulls, organising things, sending emails, making submissions, studying case papers, researching other cases, numerous telephone calls to all and sundry etc etc. At the same time she is visiting me too, devoting her whole life to getting me out of here and people wonder why she suffers with her health. She has very little help. None from my family, who seem more interesting in breaking us up because they think she is not good enough for me, saying that she attacks people and she is this and she is that.

I am absolutely sick of it. Stephanie is giving everything she has got the whole time and she has to put up with abuse from people who don’t have a clue what is going on. My older brother got sucked into it again last night and now he is also publicly abusing my wife, as if his actions at the Court of Appeal and occasions prior to that weren’t bad enough.

Hold on a minute. Why are people attacking the only person who is doing something for me? Do I not get a say in this or are you all happy to think I am brainwashed? I am my own man. I make my own decisions and choices. Stephanie is my choice and I am proud to be her husband. Speak to any bloke in here (or out there for that matter) and they would give their right arm for a women like Stephanie, who is in it for the long haul, for better for worse……

I don’t like washing my dirty laundry in public like most people, but there comes a time when things must be said. I chose to ignore my family. Why? Because they treated Stephanie like dirt and still do, but they blame her for it just like many others. So perhaps it would surprise people to learn that Stephanie was actually encouraging me to speak to them. See, people don’t know all the facts.

For example, what if I told you that it took my family 9 days to tell me about a family bereavement? But I still wrote to ‘The Family’ expressing my sympathies and support at such a difficult time. Shame they couldn’t extend the same courtesy.

The truth is that I cut myself off from everyone because everyone read into the rubbish that was put out about my wife, without checking the facts, even me once. My own mother wrote to me telling me absurd things about Stephanie that she had read on line and instantly believed it. It is that kind of narrow minded thinking that got me convicted in the first place. Come on people, if you are really interested in my case, leave her alone! Let her get on with what she is doing. But no, it is easier to jump on the bandwagon isn’t it? So, Stephanie makes a few waves every now and then and wont be fobbed off. You can’t expect ‘softly softly’ to get results. It you wanna make an omelette…….. you gotta break some eggs. She fights for what she believe in and I admire her tenacity and commitment. I have spent over 10 ½ years of my life banged up for someone else’s crime. The real killer(s) walk among you all right now, but you would rather care about ganging up and bullying the only person I have seen who actually holds her principles dear.

So, for clarity, Stephanie is my wife. If you disrespect her you disrespect me. I will defend her from the wolves and vultures. If you don’t like it then you can keep your opinions to yourselves and you can ‘do one!’

No one has the right to tell me what is best for me. If you want to talk about someone, talk about me. But make sure you have got your facts straight or you are just as bad as all the others. You know where I am if you want the facts, I am ready to educate you all! (Send an SAE because I’m not a post office).

Look, this situation is stressful for all involved but Stephanie and I are having to put up with so much unnecessary bulls**t. It saddens me that human beings can be so nasty, but we are all products of our own environment I suppose.

My goal and Stephanie’s goal is for me to clear my name and for us to start a family. That’s all we want. If you want to help, please help, but if all you want to do is criticise and make trouble with your lies and games, we don’t want to know and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do a sponsored silence for Comic Relief or do something else worthwhile.

Leave the adult stuff to the grown ups.

Simon Hall – A767 8AC
HMP Hollesley Bay

1st February 2013 – Simon says Sorry

I want you to imagine the police smashing your front door in. I want you to imagine them cuffing you, locking you in a cell, questioning you, telling you that they think you are a murderer. But you are not a murderer and you know nothing about it. They are asking you all sorts of questions and they aren’t happy with your answers, now they are telling you that you did it but you know you didn’t. They are telling you that they have evidence that can prove you did it, but you know they haven’t, you know they couldn’t have, so what’s going on?

Are you worried? Are you nervous? Are you scared?

Well I was! I even told the police that I was during my 3 days of interviews.

So here’s a good idea, tell them you did a burglary at around 5am that night because that will help your alibi for a murder that they say happened at 6am.

anyway, your mate will confirm your story…….

What’s that? His account is different to yours? He says you didn’t leave the Old Rep until 5am. Perhaps somebody is covering their own ar*e here? It makes you think about that article he did in the Evening Star newspaper, where he says ‘They’ve got the wrong man.’

Is that so hard to believe? Why didn’t I tell my legal team? Well I told some of my family about the burglary on a visit only a day or two after I came back from court. On that visit we mutually decided that it wouldn’t help my case because it only served to prove motive. The police were looking for a motive, initially implying that I saw Mrs Albert as a pain to my mother. Mum was always round there helping her because her own family never really bothered with her. But police gave up on that and went for the burglary motive.

You might think; ‘why this why that?’ It’s easy for people to think that if it was them they’d have done this or they’d have done that. That may be so, but it wasn’t them was it? It was me and I certainly wasn’t thinking straight. It was all so surreal but so frightening. I was crushed by the severe pressure I was under. This was like a tidal wave and I was just swept along with it. I couldn’t concentrate, I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t eating, I just wanted to hide away. I wanted to die!

I tried, in October 2003, after my first appeal was refused, rushed to hospital with severe blood loss. I’d lost all hope. That was the only thing I could think of. I wasn’t using my brain.

It was around that time that I got into heroin. I’d never smoked it before and I’ve never dreamt of smoking it before but I needed something as an escape to rely on, to get my mind out of prison, through the bars.

I was always off my face, I was always trying to forget where I was.

I was on heroin for about 4 years, my health had suffered. I’d lost so much weight, my mind was scrambled, I was so ill, I was in a bad way. I was even on the gear when the BBC came to HMP Dovegate to film the Rough Justice documentary.

Relationships were strained. I was a mess. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I didn’t know who or what to trust.

Even though my parents knew about the burglary, they never brought it up again. They didn’t tell my legal team and neither did I because I genuinely believed it wouldn’t help the situation. I didn’t even tell my own wife! Not because I wanted to keep secrets from her, but because it seemed so irrelevant to the situation at the time and I didn’t want anyone to know I’d done burglary.

I was embarrassed about doing it, but I would have got round to telling my wife. My murder conviction doesn’t embarrass me because I didn’t do it. Does that make sense?

My parents were embarrassed of the burglary. Stephanie phoned one of them about it as soon as she found out. They said they would call Stephanie a liar if she told anyone that they knew. It seems as though my own family might not back me up on all this and deny all knowledge. It wouldn’t be to protect me by the way, it would be to protect their own reputation in the village and if they thought I had anything to do with Mrs Albert’s murder they would have gone to the police.

So how did this get out? Well one of the family has obviously told someone, who told someone else, who told someone else etc etc. As soon as Stephanie found out she called me idiot! She screamed and swore and called me all the names under the sun and obviously she wasn’t happy that she had found out through someone else. But she got on it straight away, contacted the CCRC and spoke with the University of Bristol Innocence Project.

I didn’t realise until looking at all of the case papers I had (although even after 10 ½ years we still haven’t been disclosed all of them) that it might actually have relevance and it could help me. But even then I was still struggling a little because I was thinking that everyone’s reaction would be to think ‘well he’s a burglary, so he must of done it.’

Stephanie was shouting down the phone at me ‘For gods sake Simon, the two aren’t linked!’

Sometimes you make decisions that have a huge bearing on your life. This is one of mine. So imagine how I’m feeling right now, realising that if I had said something back then, or even if my parents had said something back then, I might have been a free man years ago.

I haven’t fully processed that in my mind because quite frankly I don’t want to. It’s going to be hard to accept that because I was afraid, I probably put myself and kept myself in prison for all this time.

I think another part of the reasons for not saying anything is a combination of my fears, my stupidity, not wanting to put my mate in trouble, or my family for that matter. None of this matters anymore.

I want to apologise to everyone that I have let down but I hope this explains my reasoning.

Remember, whether you understand it or not, it didn’t happen to you, it happened to me!

6th February 2013 – Mud Sticks

Everyone has baggage, relationships that hurt, events that leave scars, emotional and psychological problems.

In the eyes of the law I’m a convicted killer, an evil man who committed such a brutal and savage crime, cold and calculating, showing no remorse.Some people have even suggested I should be hung. Bring back the death penalty for murder, he’s a monster…..

I’m no monster. I’m no killer. That’s the problem in today’s multimedia society information at your fingertips and everyone has got somewhere to voice their opinion. Everyone has the right to their opinion, even me. People don’t know me. No one truly knows me (except my wife) but everyone has an opinion. Based on what though? Newspapers, TV, internet, word of mouth, Chinese whispers?

I will tell you about me, from the horses mouth as it were……

I was adopted as a baby. That’s no secret, it’s been in all the articles in the papers and court documents. One of the neighbours quoted it as if to say ‘Don’t blame the parents because he’s not actually their offspring. He’s someone else’s devil child.’ Pi*s off mate, never heard of nurture over nature? I am a product of my own environment. I was initially fostered and then adopted, I was on the at risk register even before I was even born. My biological parents couldn’t cope. Apart from the abuse as a baby, my biological father gave my biological mother an ultimatum, him or the kids. She chose him.

So I ended up with Lynne & Phil. From the outside looking in they were brilliant parents and would do anything for us. They would go without things so we could have it. They taught us right from wrong, blah blah blah. They seemed the perfect parents. But looks can be deceptive and it was all about appearances for them, being seen to be good parents. I said they would go without things so we would have it, but they would constantly remind us of the fact, guilt tripping and mind games.

My first memory of this ‘appearances’ thing, is when I was packed off to primary school wearing a tie on elastic. It wasn’t the uniform. No one else in the whole school wore a tie apart from me and my brother. That immediately caused separation and I stood out from the crowd, different from everyone when I was just 5 years old. All for ‘appearances’ sake.

I had to go to Sunday school. 2 hours every Sunday morning, learning about Jesus, but Mum and Dad never went to church for as long as I’ve known, except for special occasions. I never wanted to go but it was compulsory for reasons of appearance. I also couldn’t go out on a Sunday, everyone else was at the field or playing football or whatever, but I was in my room, playing Lego, or with my action man.

They are my earliest memories of the controlling and programming, along with going to relatives houses and having to sit there in my Sunday best, not saying anything unless spoken to. You know, ‘don’t speak unless you are spoken to.’ It was a strict upbringing and I was kept as a child for too long and I suffered from it. My Mum still talks about me like a child to this day, even though I haven’t seen or spoken to her for 5 years. She’s still thinks she can speak for me and have a say in my decisions. Her latest TV interview shows that. Why didn’t my Dad stop it? Why does he let her walk all over him? Why didn’t my parents tell the reporters that we’ve not been in contact for years? Why did my mother use it as an opportunity for a cheap shot at my marriage to Stephanie. It’s all about the ‘appearance’ of things. At trial she came across badly in the dock with her performance, putting on her telephone voice. No wonder the jury didn’t believe her and the prosecution called her a liar.

I found my birth mother a couple of years ago because the curiosity was eating away at me. Well, Stephanie found her after finding my other siblings. They all turned out to be a disappointment, especially my birth mother. After the crap that I went through, I got one poxy letter. No effort whatsoever. My brother and sister revealed their true colours very quickly and I’m not impressed by any of it. They are still checking out forums and web-sites, probably saying they support me. What support? Stalking and spying isn’t support. I needed something tangible.

What is it with families? Why aren’t mine sticking up for me? Where are they? Still attacking Stephanie is probably where, or plotting how to cover their own ar..s. Lets not forget, they knew about the burglary. They spoke to lawyers probably more than I did. The private investigator that was hired to investigate this case wasn’t even told.

It turns out that loads of people knew about this. My family knew and they must have told someone because someone very closely connected to my family told someone else, who told Stephanie. I believe Jamie told his then girlfriend at the time, who just so happened to be my brothers ex girlfriend. Who did she tell? Did Jamie tell anyone else? Did he tell his Mum? Did they work out a story to perhaps prevent prosecution if the need arose? It seems I’m the only one who kept his mouth shut. But why should I keep it shut anymore? So many people had the chance and the opportunity to help me out with this scenario, but none of them did. None of them. Phoebe knew. Did she keep it quiet? I don’t know. What I do know is that no one else spoke to me about it again. So all the people I’ve mentioned must be culpable. Did they agree with my decision? Did they care? It was in all of the case documents, did anyone really look? Or was everyone happy to watch me sit here for over 10 ½ years? Protecting their own ar..s, worrying about how this would affect them and reflect on them. It’s back to appearance again. Well this is on everyone who knew. You are all just as bad as the public believe me to be!

I’ve got previous convictions for GBH and ABH, plus you now know I’ve committed a burglary. Does that really make me a killer? The evidence in this case remains the same. The burglary element has made a few people believe that I’m ‘more guilty’ of the murder. What? It’s either guilty or not guilty. They are no definable measurements of guilt. This is an example of peoples assumptions based on their prejudices. ( It’s wrong. Other people are economical with the truth and exaggerating their responses, like my brother Shaun and Stephanie Bon. I find it hard to believe that my brother didn’t know when everyone else around him did. He does exactly what Mum tells him to do because he’s still tied to her apron strings. As for Stephanie Bon, well she’s nothing but dangerous in my opinion. Look how she has distanced herself from things since the burglary situation arose. For years we’ve been asking her to remove her web-site because it was stagnant and outdated. She wouldn’t because she was too stubborn and too proud of herself. She didn’t work my case for 6 years, more like half of that. We parted company because her and my family were arguing over me like I was their property. I was stuck in the middle, sitting in jail, using drugs, and being given a choice by Stephanie Bon of her or my family…… I chose my family.

You should see the letters I got from both sides, slagging each other off, name calling, put downs, like playground stuff. I was still sitting in jail smoking drugs. That was when the ultimatum came and I thought Stephanie Bon would be a distant memory but as soon as the CCRC referred the case back a couple of years later in 2009, they were hugging each other and congratulating each other. What for? The CCRC appointed the fibre expert whose evidence got the referral. No glory there I’m afraid….

By this time my mother had a new target, my wife. Stephanie Bon jumped right on the bandwagon with her and the witch hunt began. Was that because unlike the previous ultimatum I had chosen my wife over my family? Whatever, the fact is that Stephanie Bon has been out to destroy and damage my wife. I have proof of this. My Mum is too sly for that though and other people do her dirty work for her, like Shaun for example. She’s the expert puppet master, pulling strings and controlling people with her crocodile tears and guilt trips. I’ve had to put up with all of this bullsh*t for so long that I just don’t care for it anymore. I’ve got enough on my plate. I need to support me and my wife because through all of this, we remain strong. We’ve had ups and downs but we are still solid. After all the bullsh*t, all the attempts by my family and Stephanie Bon and everyone else who has tried to damage us, we stand tall. You should all be ashamed of yourselves with your plotting and scheming. You are all disgraceful in my opinion and while you are all playing the victim and trying to appear whiter than white, while everyone judges me and criticises me, you make me sick. People should know that of all of you I am the most sane at the moment. I am strong.

I am a different man to the one you all knew. I am a good man and I did not kill Mrs Albert. So whatever people think my crimes are, I’ve paid for them ten times over!

So when I get out of here, I can move on. Just me and my wife. No fears, no gate arrests for the burglary and having to walk out of prison to go straight back in again for 2 years of recall. Depending of course on how the Crown will play out this farcical situation. Let’s not forget that Keir Starmer QC is head of the CPS.

I’m dealing with issues that effect me, but what will you all do? Who will you gang up on next? Fight amongst yourselves for all I care because I’m done. None of you can damage me anymore. Mud sticks, but I’m throwing it back on you all because you need the tag of shame wrapped around your necks.

I will clear my name one day. If I’m in here or out there when it happens, I will do it! I want none of you at the appeal court. You all blew it. My baggage is getting lighter, the stronger I get. Not because it’s easier to carry but because I’ve got much less to carry as well.

If we refuse to confess past wounds, we condemn ourselves to wounding others or to wronging ourselves.’ ~ Anselm Grün

9th February 2013

To the cowardly author who write to my husband, your letter arrived today.

Thank you for sharing your opinions and showing you narrow mindedness, thank you for confirming to us that you have ‘joined the pack’ and thank you for reminding us that you have very little knowledge.

You appear to be a bit of a nosy parker, so it would follow that you are probably also a curtain twitcher, have you got a neighbourhood watch sticker on your window.

We have noted the post mark and know that the letter was sent from Edinburgh.

The handwriting of the letter looks female but the words and tone are that of man. So for the time being, you could be female or a very effeminate man.

Never the less, you are one of the lucky ones. I have decided to commission a fingerprint expert along with a handwriting expert and fund this myself in order to find out your true identity. This will enable me to give your details to the police & prison security and add your name to the increasing list of nuisance mailers/harassers.

10th February 2013 – Lets make this clear

My admission to the omission of the burglary is not to try to prove that I did not commit murder. A small group of people are asking the same questions and it pi*ses me off that people can be so obtuse. Don’t you think if I could prove that I was at Major’s Corner, Ipswich @ 5.01am, that I would have said something to the police. The police, for some reason, never gave us access to the CCTV and told us there was nothing on it. We are still to see the CCTV and a recent request to Suffolk police for access to it, was denied. Why is that?

Read my words…. My alibi has not changed! I wanted to get things off my chest. Yes, you may not agree with my decision, but you are not me and you were not under the pressure I was under. Nor do you have all the facts of this case.

The fact remains that the ‘window of opportunity’ the police created stays the same and anything that happened before 5.30am (the time Angela Barker said I dropped Jamie home) is irrelevant to this case. Whether Angela Barker is telling the truth, or if she was coerced, or felt her maternal duty was to perhaps cover for her son to prevent prosecution, only she knows.

So heed my words please. If you support me, then support me. Do something to help. Write to your MP, write to Keir Starmer QC at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), write to the Queen, write to the CCRC to ask why I am still in prison. Give my wife some support and encouragement, instead of questioning her. Stop getting sucked in by the internet trolls and those people who are clearly attempting to destroy and discredit.

If the Director of Public Prosecutions says they is no reason to think I am guilty and that my conviction appears unsafe, having had access to the case, then there is no debate really is there.

Who is more qualified to come to this conclusion, the DPP or Joe Public?

This is not a case of ‘What do you think?’ It’s about telling people of my situation and telling people about me too. People don’t know me, but they think they can judge me. Whatever….

Simon Hall A767 8AC

HMP Hollesley Bay

25th March 2013 – Post traumatic stress disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience.

The symptoms are surprisingly common and includes sleep problems, impaired memory, inability to concentrate, hypervigilance (feels like but is not paranoia) exaggerated startle response and hypersensitivity, irritability and violent outburst, joint and muscle pain and feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

I’ve been suffering from PTSD for many many years but not known it. I knew PTSD existed but only thought it applied to soldiers who’d seen or been involved in terrible incidents, or survivors of fatal accidents, or victims of sexual assault or physical attacks of violence.

Over the last near 11 years I’ve been getting worse and not known why. I’ve watched myself, as if having out of body experiences, do things and say things that I would not normally do. I would also not do the things I wanted to do because I couldn’t face doing them, instead choosing to watch tv or play crib with a couple of the lads. I took the path of least resistance because it’s easier to do that both physically and mentally.

Until now…..

Three weeks ago I took an overdose of an anti smoking medication called Zyban. I nearly died and spent 4 days in hospital. During that time I was hallucinating, seeing people with machine guns and shot guns at the window, I was trying to get away. I was anxious nervous and scared.

I remember none of this. I don’t remember the days leading up to the overdose, I don’t remember hospital, I don’t remember the days following my return to prison. I’ve lost almost 2 weeks of my memory. It’s all black.

I don’t know why I tried to take my life. By that I don’t recall the thought processes that lead me to believe it was a good idea to swallow 60 tablets. I must have convinced myself that was better to end it all there and then, but I can’t remember the internal dialogue that sold my own demise to myself.

There are aggravating factors. I was already depressed, chronically so. I was taking anti-depressants for 3 or 4 weeks prior to the OD. I was, as I’ve previously stated suffering PTSD. This is as a result of being wrongfully convicted for a murder I did not commit and I’m sure 95% of those who learn of my case believe I did not commit. The PTSD was made worse by the appeal court judges, who in their ‘infinite wisdom’ ruled that the evidence for the defence presented at the appeal, which proved that the crowns initial evidence at trial was wrong and cast huge doubts on the only evidence for the crown at trial, wouldn’t have made the jury come up with a different verdict. Really?

I was beaten but I was okay and vowed to fight on even though my chance had gone. The appeal ruling destroyed me. The appeal court judges and the smug crown experts, although proven to be incompetent, destroyed me.

I spent nights in Chelmsford prison on the way here from HMP Kingston. On arrival, I found myself in the cell next door to the one I spent time in whilst I was on remand. I had the same view out of the window, the same football pitch (although resurfaced), the same wings, gym, sights, sounds, smells. It gave me flashbacks that seemed so lucid, so real, that it was like I was reliving 10 years ago. I can’t explain how horrible this was. I’ve put this down to post traumatic stress.

Zyban is dangerous medication. I blame that for the exacerbation of my depression and for the obvious psychosis that led me to OD. I’ve spoken to other prisoners about Zyban and they have reported seizures, fits and episodes that were out of character. The health care department have stopped issuing Zyban to prisoners.

I was poorly treated in hospital. I don’t know the details but Stephanie was there nearly all of the time. She told me that I was treated like a second class citizen because I was a prisoner. We intend to complain and take this further in relation to how badly I was treated.

I’m doing much better now. Having an idea about what is wrong with me and looking for the correct support, I’m feeling positive. I’m now more focused than ever to clear my name and once I’ve done that I’m going to sue the authorities for their unbelievable incompetence. I will also be exposing different elements of the services I have had the misfortune to find myself in the ‘care’ of.

Under the circumstances Stephanie and I remain strong. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it grows brighter every day. I’m off all medication and for the first time in a very long time I have greater hopes for the future.

6th April 2013

Yesterday I cut all ties with my family permanently, I hadn’t spoken to them or contacted them for years because of their behaviour, except when Grand-dad passed away and I broke the silence to express my sympathy. My family have been what I like to call baggage, weighing me down and pulling me back, but I’ve dumped the baggage now and I feel so much lighter, both physically and mentally.

For those of you who are not familiar with Stockholm syndrome LINK.

Obviously my family aren’t terrorists but I am a hostage of the state and because my family haven’t done much to help my case, then they have contributed to my continuing incarceration. That’s makes them the same as the state in my eyes in that they can’t really care that I’m in prison for a crime I did not commit. Actions speak louder than words and there was very little action.

Even though I used to feel that I didn’t really belong in the household and was always out of the house as much as I possibly could be, I didn’t have anywhere else to go.

I felt as though my father resented me because I wasn’t his real son, my mother, well where do I start? I could list so many things….. as for my older brother he blew hot and cold but he’s still attached to mothers apron strings at 36 years old.

I used to feel as if I’ve owed my parents for adopting me, it took me years of prison to shake it from my mind. I trusted them emphatically and it was only in recent years that I realised they weren’t actually what I thought they were. I wanted to let them know how I felt about them and cut ties long before now. However, for some reason I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to upset them or hurt them, even though they were still hurting me. I didn’t want to disrespect them even though they were still disrespecting me. I was in conflict and even though I knew I had to cut ties, I couldn’t do it, to my own detriment. I suffered for longer, even though there was no contact because the family were still dealing in misery and trying to be in control, they tried speaking for me when I’d asked them not to and caused other problems, not just for me either, others too. The family ganged up on people, like hyenas and wolves. They always have. They left me with me no choice.

I’ve got my own family now. I can’t look back anymore. I must look to the future because…..

8th July 2013 – Can you help?


If you know anything about my case, then you will know that it is an absolute travesty of Justice. My case makes an utter mockery of the legal system but those involved or with the power to change things seem happy to allow it to continue so that justice can be seen to be done, ignorant to the fact that it makes them all look like shameful cowards.

I need your help. I need you to help out my wife Stephanie, who has been struggling financially for a while now, trying to keep up with her bills on the meagre funds she receives and keep up with the ever increasing costs of fighting to clear my name, and proving once and for all that I did not murder Mrs Joan Albert. 

Paper, envelopes, stamps, flyers, printer ink, it all adds up plus what she can sort of for the telephone so we can talk to each other. Stephanie has to run a car so that she can visit because the public transport is non-existent out here in the countryside. She only gets help for 2 visits a month and even that doesn’t cover a quarter of the actual costs.

Stephanie gets 13 pence per mile, today.. The lawyers in my trial eleven years ago received 45 pence per mile. Both from the public purse but obviously the rich barristers, QC’s, Solicitors etc aren’t pushed around and treated as badly as the partner of prisoners.

The whole system is flawed.

If you can help Stephanie, details of how are below…..


Thank you 

Defamation is governed by common law and statute law. The most recent statute is: the Defamation Act 2013 (the Act).

What is defamation?
Defamation occurs when there is publication to a third party of words or matters containing an untrue imputation against the reputation of individuals, companies or firms which serve to undermine such reputation in the eyes of right thinking members of society generally, by exposing the victim to hatred, contempt or ridicule.

The tort of defamation acts to redress unjustified injury to the claimant’s reputation and can be divided into two areas, slander and libel. Slander is the publication of defamatory words or actions in a temporary form, for example by spoken word. Libel is the publication of defamatory materials in permanent form.

Defamation relies on the meaning of the words or actions in question to establish slander or libel. Defamation trials are heard without a jury unless the court orders otherwise. The judge will determine whether the words given their ordinary and natural meaning would damage the claimant’s reputation.

Improper use of public electronic communications network – Communications Act 2003, section 127

The Communications Act 2003 section 127, see Stones 8.30110B, covers the sending of improper messages. Section 127(1)(a) relates to a message etc that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character and should be used for indecent phone calls and emails. Section 127(2) targets false messages and persistent misuse intended to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety; it includes somebody who persistently makes silent phone calls (usually covered with only one information because the gravamen is one of persistently telephoning rendering separate charges for each call unnecessary).

If a message sent is grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing or false it is irrelevant whether it was received. The offence is one of sending, so it is committed when the sending takes place. The test for “grossly offensive” was stated by the House of Lords in DPP v Collins [2006] 1 WLR 2223 to be whether the message would cause gross offence to those to whom it relates (in that case ethnic minorities), who need not be the recipients. The case also said that it is justifiable under ECHR Art 10(2) to prosecute somebody who has used the public telecommunications system to leave racist messages.

A person guilty of an offence under section 127 CA 2003 shall be liable, on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine or to both. This offence is part of the fixed penalty scheme.

It is more appropriate to charge bomb hoaxes under section 51 of the Criminal Law Act 1977. See Chambers v DPP [2012] EWHC 2157 (Admin) , and Public Order Offences, elsewhere in the Legal Guidance.

Section 127 can be used as an alternative offence to such crimes for example as hate crime (including race, religion, disability, homophobic, sexual orientation, and transphobic crime), hacking offences, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, amongst others.

Threatening letters or other articles – Section 1 Malicious Communications Act, 1988

The Malicious Communications Act 1988 section 1, see Stones 8.20830, deals with the sending to another of any article which is indecent or grossly offensive, or which conveys a threat, or which is false, provided there is an intent to cause distress or anxiety to the recipient. The offence covers letters, writing of all descriptions, electronic communications, photographs and other images in a material form, tape recordings, films and video recordings. Poison-pen letters are usually covered.

Particularly serious examples may justify a more serious charge, e.g. threats to kill.

The offence is one of sending, delivering or transmitting, so there is no requirement for the article to reach the intended recipient.

The terms of section 1 were considered in Connolly v DPP [2007] 2 All ER 1012, and “indecent or grossly offensive” were said to be ordinary English words. The fact that there was a political or educational motive behind the accused sending graphic photographs of aborted foetuses did not help her, and her argument that her behaviour was protected by Articles 9 and 10 ECHR (freedom of religion and speech) did not succeed, because the restrictions on those rights were justified under Articles 9(2) and 10(2).

A person guilty of an offence under section 127 CA 2003 shall be liable, on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine or to both.





Psychological projection

Psychological projection

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It can take the form of blame shifting.

According to some research, the projection of one’s negative qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life.[2]

The burglary omission, smear campaign & hindsight..

On the 5th November 2012 it was discovered that Simon Hall had lied about his movements on the night of the murder.

5th November 2012

Simon Hall’s wife learned from a women, who lived in the village of Capel St Mary, she had been told by an ex girlfriend of Hall’s brother that their mother had told her; “Simon couldn’t have committed the murder because he was elsewhere doing a burglary at Zenith windows in Ipswich at the time.”

Hall admitted to this omission, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) were informed and submissions were made to the CCRC on the back of it in the belief they would show the commission why he had not spoken openly before now.

Following this omission a ferocious, malicious smear campaign against Hall’s wife reached its peak. Much of which was played out across 2 internet forums;

the uk justice forum

The main characters* involved with the smear campaign, made numerous public statements that would eventually help lead to the truth being uncovered.

* These individuals (one in particular) were, in the main, directly linked to Simon Hall and knew him before the murder. The public statements, many of which were libellous and aimed at Hall’s wife have been published below.

Several months before Simon Hall confessed his brother made the following public statement:

“He has a history that he shouldn’t be proud of and to be honest, stolen goods from 11 years ago are the least of his worries

I know you lack the ability to see reason sometimes as you have demonstrated on many occasions, possibly because of how involved you are with Simon

Simon publicly shamed himself with his outburst in my opinion

Stephanie, please do everyone a favour and stop blaming everyone else for things that Simon is responsible for. First, Simon had every chance to confess to his actions on the night of Joan’s death, however he decided to keep this quiet. Saying that anyone else should go to the police is ridiculous as they wouldn’t want Simon to get in to further trouble.

However, I certainly didn’t go around being nasty and ruining his character”

The following timeline has been published in order to show a small portion of the events that lead to Simon Halls confession in July 2013; along with events that followed the confession. This is a work in progress and will eventually be updated to give a clearer picture of the facts.

8th December 2012

Simon Hall blogs re Internet trolls

26th January 2013

“I am callous towards people I don’t like especially those who are arrogant, biased and generally talk rubbish. I don’t really care what you write, think or do about me, you are a waste of time, space and energy and I am sick of hearing about your ‘plight,’

27th January 2013

“If Simon is sticking to the truth then there shouldn’t be a ‘s***-storm’ surely?”

“Do you really want me to post all our email exchange from last night? You have no class and I really wish you would stop slandering everyone when you know nothing and lie constantly. We are ALL here for Simon and always have been, it is you who creates the mess and then play the victim, Simon was sent money for christmas to ring his Mum, he chose to waste it on phone calls to you. Why would I send him money so he can ring you and why don’t you go to work and make sure your husband has money to ring who he pleases? If you put my reply in actual context then it is perfectly reasonable. Simon can ring for 5 seconds to say he wants to talk, I will then make sure he can. Also, you failed to advise us that he was in open conditions,( in fact you told my mum that he wouldn’t be moved for another year or so)…. I suggested that he could use your phone during one of your visits. The point is Stephanie, I just don’t want to talk to you! You have destroyed my brother’s reputation and broken relationships all over the place, we have all learnt that you mean nothing and you are just full of air, nothing you say matters. Once again I am happy to post our thread of emails on here if you want, then it may explain to people why I said what you quoted… Is this how you get round Simon? By editing what people say and what you say back, it’s a clever game you play just remember the truth always comes out in the end.Do what you want and say what you want, I don’t care and I won’t write on here again, I have other things to do with my life and one of them isn’t wasting my time talking to someone like you. You can stop with your threatening emails like the one you just sent because I will post them here. PS Simon did ring and I missed the call, so he has money to ring? Make your mind up…Bye”

“You posted first, im just sticking up for myself, which I havent in the past, like others as we dont lower ourselves to your standards. You can’t attack people and not expect them to retaliate. Simon just called me, he said you guys are fine and that we can ‘f*** off’. Good work Stephanie. As Simon has seen my response to your post above then does this mean he has internet access? If so then why not forward me his address so he and I can talk properly. In the future, do not mention me, my family or Stephanie Bon, in anyway publicly in your posts. As I said to Simon, he knows nothing. Thanks”

My inbox on here is now full of supportive messages and people warning me of you… Strange that? You don’t put up with any of us, we put up with YOU like the rest of the people on forums by the looks of things. Blah blah blah Stephanie, are you talking to yourself again? This is what you do, taking the moral highground, as for your television show comment, this is my brother’s life you are talking about so perhaps you should grow up and do some work instead of wasting everyone’s time on here? A part of me will always wonder whether you are just here because you crave attention so much, ever thought of trying being nice to people? Me punch you in court? you really have nothing to say do you. The truth is, I walked in the court at the appeal and was faced with my biological mother because YOU decided that it was the right time for me to come face to face with her after 34 years… Who does that? Wether these people wanted to meet Simon or not, his appeal was not the right venue was it? How would you like it if someone had done that to you? Do you think of the consequences of your actions? To top it all off, the woman who had never met me and her other son who also hadn’t met me before had an opinion of me already? Did you really find my biological family so you could slag me and my mum and dad off to them?  Who does that? You?! Did you think it was a good idea to coach Simon into having these people in court where my adoptive family who raised Simon and I all our lives were going to be there and you knew it? Do you know anything about respect? It was not your place to do this but this is what you do isn’t it. To finish the story off, you have also now manage to make Simon fall out with his biological family by insulting them as well… It’s not my style to come on here and write such personal stuff but you have gone too far. You never think do you?! Anyway, well done on passing your degree in the obvious, you’re a very clever girl… Read yourself back, you are ridiculous!”

“You running away? Shame on you! It’s time to put an end to your abuse ! My brother just told me to do one thanks to your rubbish so I have nothing to lose really…”

27th January 2013

At no point have I said that it must be easy for Simon in prison, once again you’re talking crap because you have nothing good to say. Can you not see how everyone is disagreeing with you? Can Simon not see that either? Are you just reading what you want to him?? Simon is a grown man and if he didn’t want to take drugs, he didn’t have to, it’s that simple. Or perhaps he was influenced by his surroundings and the situation just like he is now. Again I am not saying that being were he is is easy, I don’t know, and nor do you! Simon should also be a bit more dignified if he had any sense, why would he want you to openly insult people who worked hard for him, no matter what you think, surely it’s only going to make people think bad of him for having no humility and respect. Remember that there was life before Stephanie Hall and things did happen for Simon, not all bad ones either, and life will also go on after Stephanie Hall… Noone really had a bad word to say about Simon until you turned up did they? I came on here to stand up to you and your lies and you come back with “Simon took drugs because of you” of all the things that you could have answered, you come back and make a derogatory comment about Simon and drugs? Do you really think it shows intelligence? Your comments are just incoherant ramblings, you don’t answer questions, you just attack, it’s pathetic. You’re pathetic and the sooner my brother realises that, the better. Let’s just get one thing straight, I’m no victim and I take responsibility for my actions, Simon is perfectly within his right to be angry at me for not helping him more, I can’t say that I am proud of myself for this and I don’t need pity or criticism, I openly admit that I did not do my best for my brother at the time. However, I certainly didn’t go around being nasty and ruining his character as you have done for the last few years. I have tried to apologise to Simon but with you breathing down his neck I have not hopes of getting through to him especially as I was trying to explain to him exactly what you are. The tragedy of the matter is that YOU, as his wife should have done your best to encourage Simon to rebuild relationships with his family and ensured that he stayed in contact with other friends too. What you did is what I said before, you made sure that Simon had noone else to call, and then you twisted him and made sure that he didnt’ want anything to do with any of us so he depended on you. Now, Simon is and will always be my brother, you on the other hand are disposable. Why would I come on here and waste my time talking to you and lie? I can’t say more than I didn’t do enough and I am sorry but I won’t let you get away with insulting people who were there. Now people can read both sides and decide for themselves, it’s fair”

“Adversity Stephanie, adversity… god I wish you were different. You know I’ve written to Simon, you have the letters dear but as most of them were about how bad you are, Simon didn’t like it and so we stopped writing.”

“Feel sorry for Simon, we miss him but we’re fine, the door is always going to be open for him, whatever he thinks of us we will always love him and be here, it’s family and it’s personal, this is why this constant slander needs to stop.
I am sure that there are better things to do than argue in places like these, this is why we have alls stayed away but some things just have to be said.”

In typical Stephanie style, you have come on here and attacked me in a very personal way without knowing the full story or at least having both sides. I haven’t come on here to argue with people like you. I am sure that you and Stephanie will soon fall out unless, according to the message in my inbox you are Stephanie, but who knows and who cares. Stephanie was the one who started to post and slander my family and after 5 long years of silence, it is time for someone to speak up. If you think that it pleases me to speak about issues such as our adoption on such a public place, you clearly don’t know me. But the point has to be made and the truth has to be told. My brother is under the influence of a very bad woman and everyone sees it but Simon and you are just one of her minions. She has had 5 years to try and reconcile but instead she has antigonised and you know nothing of the matter. Now why don’t you mind your own business? Stephanie can speak for herself! And Steffie Bon? Really, you have spent the life 5 years making her like hell, you even had a facebook account where people were talking about beating her up for you if she dare turn up in court! You shouted and tried to aoust her out of court in front of everyone when she came to the appeal… You emailed my family last year to say that you were sending the police to her house because she was stalking you when she’s never spoken on forums? You have criticised her website and her for as long as I have read your posts and you have the audacity to come here and mention her?! You pushed her to the point where she has closed her website…. 2 pages ago, you posted that she “finally had the grace to close her website because it wasn’t helpful” and now you say that? Which is it, you like her or you don’t? Have either of you apologised to her for the grief you’ve caused her? Nah, didn’t think so. The fact is you are right, Simon did make the wrong decision because if Steffie had stayed on you would never have got in. Amen. It’s hard to keep up with you. OK, VO’s, as you know, these have to be sent to people so they can visit, if Simon sends them all to you, we can’t come and visit, check the last few letters I sent him last year where I asked for a VO. I can see why you choose not to work and do this all day Stephanie, suits you! You go round and round with the same things all the time…. Why don’t you make better use of your precious phone call with Simon, instead of all this tripe?”
“Threats? You’re like a broken record, we could go on like this forever, as you have for the last 5 years, or you could go on and try get my brother out since you are the only one who does anything? I’m sure that by now, people have made their mind up about you and as for the last few remaining candidates, their turn will probably come when you turn on them too. Remember justice 4 Simon, not Shaun and not Steffie, different letters Stephanie, they’re different words… Your commitment to Simon is impressive.”

28th January 2013

Simon Hall blogs re Message from Simon – burglary omission

The following public statements were made by Simon’s brother (among one or two others), along with other media sources.

28th January 2013

and on and on and on… I did indeed speak to Steph yesterday and she’s putting something together just for you so keep checking She doesn’t come on here, she can’t be bothered with you anymore. She’s just going to put her side to your story finally… Just remember, it’s YOUR show, YOU made this happen because YOU love the attention so now you have attention from people who actually know what goes on behind closed doors. Are you going to slag Steph off now? Just remember, yesterday you said she finally removed her outdated website, today you said Simon should have picked her, now you think she’s hang up on you? You’re the one slagging her off, so now she’s going to reply to you publicly, like I did, so people are clear, just not on here. What you have said about Steph is all over the forums, she has copies, even Simon has copies, you only have to search for Steffie on all the forums and your bile comes up everywhere… You’re not threatening me again are you? Anyway, time for bed for those who work, you need my taxes to do this all day, I can see how it helps Simon and why he is so proud of you. Carry on talking, I’ve had my say and Im not really interested in what you have to say anymore. You’re a disgrace!”

30th January 2013

News article published regarding the Zenith burglary News article re blog about burglary omission

31st January 2013

Allegation of compliants to Hollesley prison

1st February 2013

Simon Hall blogs Simon says sorry…

Hall also writes and sends a personal letter of apology to the INUK Bristol University News

1st February 2013

Steffie Bon – Inside Doubt – 1st Feb 2013

1st February 2013

“Ask for proof he wrote these letters. What do you think the chances are that she will have proof i say slim to anorexic.” 

2nd February 2013

“I do believe Simon Hall is innocent of murder. Why must his so called loving wife always mess things up for him? Does she want him home?

“Where is the proof Simon Hall wrote these blogs/letters? We only have Stephanie Halls word for it. The blogs make no sense

“So basically what you are saying is she makes it up as she goes along? May God Forgive her for what she is doing” 

2nd February 2013

“I do not believe Simon Hall said what is written about his family. I believe it was all made up by Stephanie Hall.” 

2nd February 2013

Justice 4 Simon

Unfortunately, Justice4Simon has been taken offline for the time being.

This is due to the abuse and relentless bullying from Simon’s wife: “mrs h” on internet forums and social networking sites over the last 5 yrs.

I have kept records of most of her attacks particularly the ones over forums where “moderators” are it seems more interested in petty arguments and gossip mostly instigated by mrs h, then in the Simon Hall case, so I have decided not to post them on this website as I do not feel that it is in Simon’s best interest for the general public to see the manner in which his wife conveys herself.

All these messages have been monitored as I regularly report mrs h’s attacks to the police, what she fails to realise is that they have a vested interest in Simon’s case and therefore the way she conducts herself picking fights and insulting people will reflect badly on Simon.

Sadly, I can no longer sit by and watch her attempts at destroying my reputation by slandering me all over the internet, a faceless place where it’s so easy to do so…

For the people who are interested, you can follow mrs h’s work live on the links below.

Inside Doubt Steffie Bon link to the forums

I make a conscious effort not to engage with her as I feel that she is rather irrational and therefore any attempt of an actual conversation with her would be futile.

My only interest in Simon’s case is and always has been to see justice be done for Mrs Albert and also for Simon and I maintain my conviction of Simon’s innocence of the murder of Mrs Albert until it can be proved to me otherwise.

As mrs h forbid me from discussing the case a long time ago, I did not update J4S in the last 5 years and I was never sent any information or progress on the case, this is perhaps what she means by my website was “outdated”.

However, the information which was on the website was as accurate as it was given to me during my campaigning, by Simon, his family and his legal team.

In fact, a big proportion of J4S can still be found on mrs h’s website however, I did not wish to link it to insidedoubt as it contains a link to a picture of the crime scene including the victim which I feel is shockingly disrespectful towards Mrs Albert and her family. The website also has information about other potential perpetrators and clearly gives names out which I also feel is not appropriate to give to the general public.

I feel that malicious gossip and bad press did not help Simon when he was first arrested and to replicate it on a website to help free him just doesn’t make sense to me.

It is a shame that J4S had to be taken down as it had a lot of supportive messages from people to Simon as well as a lot of good press showing support and progress and also the turnaround in people’s opinion back then, despite the allegations made by mrs h, it did help Simon and brought attention to his case.

I am disappointed that Simon didn’t feel that he could share his latest revelation with me at the time I started J4S or during my work campaigning as I would definitely have advised him to seek the best advice and own up to the appropriate people as opposed to being speculated and gossiped about until it got leaked on a public forum.

I feel that this is quite detrimental towards Simon and should this help prove his innocence then he wasted 10 years of his life.

Despite mrs h’s allegations, Simon did not disclose this information to me as he well knows and the only reason I have taken J4S offline is her constant abuse.

Based on the evidence that I have seen during my work with forensic experts and lawyers, I still believe that Simon is innocent and therefore support his case and wish him my best.

I expect a bad reaction to this message and to be quoted and misquoted on the forums where mrs h chooses to spread her misery, and despite her saying that no one is interested in what I have to say, after mrs h’s latest allegations that I do no longer support Simon, it is necessary for me to say that I do. I support Simon’s fight to clear his name and for justice to be done for Mrs Albert.

I’m just not allowed to voice it.”

3rd February 2013

The Hall Family are silent because every time they open their mouths they are attacked abused and told they do not care!”

“For the record as you have touched on it but as usual know nothing, Simon’s family and I reconciled when we realised that we all wanted the same thing, justice for Simon and for Joan, we also felt that it was better to be united for Simon because despite your constant rubbish, we do support him, and who in their right mind would believe that his mother abandoned him? We don’t get a choice mate! We could have gone on for years and years arguing but what’s the point, you’re arguing for everyone by yourself….
Thanks to your good work Simon only has you now… and maybe a couple of your mates but nothing is long lived with you is it mrs h? He doesn’t even need a lawyer anymore… I must admit, you did tell me that you were going to do better than I did a few years ago when you rang me demanding that I give you my work… And you were right, a job well done. You’re commitment to ruining Simon’s life is remarkable. I salute you. As for the way you portray yourself and the way most people talk about you, it’s quite something mrs h! How proud Simon must be…I was looking on your website yesterday and I couldn’t find all your lovely photos you had of you and Simon, Simon and posh spice, Simon and other famous people, where are they mrs h? Such a shame, they were really helping Simon…By the way, I posted something on my website last night, have you not seen it? You know my website I don’t use..? I felt it was only right for me to reply to your abuse and explain why J4S was closed. I did ask the police and showed them your abuse and they advised me to reply to you as it’s basically a matter of opinion. There is also civil action, but I can’t be bothered to be honest… Been there done that! So, as far as your question goes, you know, what you asked in your “pm”, you will have to ask Simon mate, he’s your husband and he was there so he knows… (if he remembers telling his family then he must remember who else was there!) I didn’t see Simon until he was in the scrubs remember? Oh no you don’t, you weren’t there! Anyway, don’t bother reading what you want of this to Simon because i’ll send it to him and ask him what’s wrong with his head, what kind of man let’s his wife conducts herself the way you do? Unless he doesn’t know? I’ll also send the page from insidedoubt, save you stamp money. I put it to you mrs h that YOU are the disgrace and that YOU are also deluded, I’m not going to spend the night arguing with you, you can do that yourself, it’s quite entertaining when the adverts are on! So, what else is there to say, I still support Simon and think he’s innocent, and no, it’s not because I fancy him (yawn) it’s because I worked on the case for 6 years before you and what I saw convinced me. Are you going to pick on the fact that I believe he is innocent? Would you rather I didn’t? It’s always difficult to know what to say to you because you never answer questions and you tend to go on a bit about other things (me) when you can’t answer…I’ve not changed my number and if Simon needs help, he knows what to do, although a call to say f** off is more likely but still, I am here. In my humble opinion, I think you messed up the appeal and now Simon is in an open prison, you seem to be doing the same… Remember it’s only my opinion and as the police said I am entitled to it… Beside, you’re not a victim are you mrs h? You’re strong and a fighter…. Just remember I’m no victim either, I stood in your shoes in the early days, working full time, when things were really bad… the only reasons that things are so bad right now is because of you. I think it’s about time you took time out to reflect mrs h, read the things you have said to people and look at how you have turned Simon, a vulnerable person, who in my opinion is innocent but stupid, into an a public mockery! It’s You who should be ashamed. Oh and by the way, don’t contact me because I just won’t work with you, I won’t help you and I won’t talk to you, you’re just too mean…”

“I thought you wanted me to go away? I told you in my letter, I DON’T know, I wasn’t there and even if I did know I wouldn’t tell you because you’re mean… Ask Simon”

3rd February 2013

“Maybe you should take that advice yourself, you rant night and day about the abuse you receive, if you look way back you’ll see your own behavior was responsible, you love to play the victim, when in fact the opposite is true. SL’s biggest mistake was lending you that laptop, which in turn allowed you to spread your personality around the WWW like a disease. This threads a f***ing car crash, much like your husbands case, well done.”

4th February 2013

Concerned supporter post date 4th Feb 2013 1of2 001

Concerned supporter post date 4th Feb 2013 2of2 001

4th February 2013

Stephanie Bon 4th February 2013

“In future, comment on things that are relevant and that are truthful. I don’t want to see my name or my family or my friend’s posted on this forum in a negative manner.
Just do the job you took on and get Simon out instead of making yourself look stupid and ruining Simon’s name. 5 Years ago none of this stuff was going on, Simon’s case was big news and he had huge support everywhere, now all I read about is you slating people and being abusive.”

“Stephanie Hall has displayed the same traits in her campaign and to my family/friends since I have known her. Why Simon hasn’t questioned why she isn’t liked and trouble always follows her is beyond me but I feel his knowledge is being screened somewhat.”

“Stephanie, i’ll answer your first question in small words so you can understand them better. You started this. You have mentioned my name before I was a member remember? or has all those sunbeds made you more crazy? You PM’d me and then you posted one of my replies. I know its tricky but please, try to remember the stuff you write, it makes it easier for you to not make yourself look stupid. As for the rest, it’s been answered before. ASK SIMON. I’m protecting me and my own, nothing more. No hidden agenda’s and no hidden feelings. Try it sometime.”

“Here we go again! Stephanie, please do everyone a favour and stop blaming everyone else for things that Simon is responsible for. First, Simon had every chance to confess to his actions on the night of Joan’s death, however he decided to keep this quiet. Saying that anyone else should go to the police is ridiculous as they wouldn’t want Simon to get in to further trouble. I don’t condone him keeping this information back at all and I truly believe the only reason Simon and you decided to run with this is that it got out into the wild. If you honestly believe that people conspired against Simon then that’s just stupid and you should talk seriously with Simon. He has a history that he shouldn’t be proud of and to be honest, stolen goods from 11 years ago are the least of his worries if its true as you say he is suffering at the moment. Hopefully he will be honest with you for a change, sadly this is something Simon finds hard to do most of the time. Secondly, you keep bringing up Stephanie Bon as if you have any idea about the hard work she did and you have the right to judge an make ill informed comments. I believe you posted something about stalking, a clear sign is bringing her up over and over when you have no other defense when you are questioned surely falls into the same category. I’m sick and tired of you blaming her for things Simon is responsible for. She is also not the author of any blogs about you either, so please stop with the lies and just leave her out of things. Neither am I by the way, I really don’t care about you enough to write that much. Please do not get me wrong with anything I have written. This isn’t an attack on you in any way, I don’t want to get into a post war with you, just please stop mentioning people when you have no reason to. I know you lack the ability to see reason sometimes as you have demonstrated on many occasions, possibly because of how involved you are with Simon but for once please just move on from Stephanie, my parents and just talk about Simon’s case and nothing more, no more accusations and no comments in spite. Its true there is no love lost between you and I and we will never be more than family by law, but I hope you can understand I will not let you continue to bad mouth anyone I care about.”

“However, as I told you privately, it isn’t Simon I want to show up, it’s you. So go ahead and make things up about what happened or didn’t happen, I don’t care. You can also ask Simon to tell you what really happened. Anyway, I thought you didn’t like the Halls? So what do you care? You F*** up Simon’s case as much as you like stupid.”

4th February 2013

How can she be believed anymore

4th February 2013

Further submissions were made to the CCRC re the burglary omission; including the following –

“Now do you believe me?! If you ask your husband, he will tell you that he brought 2 cd players to my house when we were going out after he had disappeared for a weekend and noone knew where he was. He’d been nicked for the night but this was way before Joan was murdered, nothing to do with the case, so do you want to add another robbing to the list? maybe he’s lying to you? My brother was there and other people saw them, I went mental and threw them out! You stupid cow, are you going to announce another f**& up of his publicly? Shall i? unlike you, its not Simon i want to damage, its you!”

6th February 2013

Simon Hall blogs Mud Sticks

6th February 2013

“Oh I support your husbands cause but I do not support what he is allegedly saying I say allegedly because there is NO PROOF he is actually writing what you say he is. So what you are saying is you cannot tell us you sat and typed out letters from your husband.
You cannot show proof that he actually said what you state he said. As for a book I assume you mean regarding your husbands story IF and that is a big IF he is declared innocent. Do you really think this book if it ever happens will be about you and all you imagine? However getting your husband out is the main thing will he be out on parole on life licence or his name cleared I wonder?”

“What is more terrible is that you are allowing someone who is in prison without full access to what is happening online, to tell write to you and ask you to post what has been posted. I cannot say strongly enough that this stuff being posted is DAMAGING TO SIMON. and you posting it on his behalf are helping to damage him further. I cannot be any straighter in what I say. Is Simon aware of everything posted? I mean do you send him EXACT copies of everything? If you really love him stop him from doing this. It is not helping and thats the Gods honest truth”

“Standing by your husband is all well and good and to be admired. Do you realise the damage these blogs are doing to his case? Yes people are reading them because it is like car crash TV. I cannot believe what I am reading in relation to this case. This has to STOP! your husband said in one of the blogs that if people want to talk about anyone talk about him and the case. This is not happening. I am sorry but these blogs do not talk about the case. They make him look bad. If you love your husband like you say you do, then you should pull these blogs right off the net. Your husbands situation is that if this continues he will be sent back to a higher cat prison because of these blogs and their revelations. What should be discussed is the evidence not all this nonsense.”

“I am going to go to bed soon but I will be back tomorrow. The question will remain the same, where is the proof that Simon Hall wrote these blogs? That seems to be a very difficult question to answer for his wife. Why it should be difficult one will never know. You would assume when someone is bad mouthing his family it would be written down so it could not be denied or misinterpreted. I would also imagine that someone who writes like this would have the guts to have it hand written so it could be scanned to show the family in private! In fact, I would imagine if someone REALLY felt like this they would write directly to the people. But these people appear to love him no matter what he does. And like all parents, they will forgive him. The question is still the same though!!! But it clear to me there is no proof!!”

“It is crystal clear that you are going to avoid answering a very simple question. I can only come to one conclusion and that is the same conclusion many others have come to. You are the one playing games with a man’s life for who knows what reason.
The damage done to this man’s credibility and his future is terrible. You will have to deal with this when he is finally released and I do not think his reaction will be what you think it will be, once he see’s everything with his own eyes.”

8th February 2013

Carry on blogging till your heart is content! Give the CPS and whoever else more ammunition to use against Simon. It will all be on your head!
Simon is in prison because he was convicted of murder.  He is not in prison because he may or may not get on with his family. 
One thing to remember blood really is thicker than water and family ties are a lot stronger than you may think. and yes I realise he has adoptive parents!
Why do you always fall out with people who disagree with you or ask you questions?
I want justice for Simon Hall and anyone who  is in prison wrongfully convicted.  None of this is helping Simon. You have to take your share of the blame for this and get back on track. That was some free friendly advice.”

“Of course sympathy will not get Simon out of prison. Neither will your blogs achieve this. In fact they could have the opposite affect on a parole hearing. But carry on and keep damaging the man you say you love.
So there is a follow up blog coming up? WOW that was quick! I mean how long does it take a blog take to write then mail out to you from prison?  mmmmm interesting and raises more questions of the validity of these blogs.
Perhaps if Simon really wants to write blogs he should have his actual letters scanned and put online, that way there would be no doubt who wrote them and whose words they are. Do I know Simon?  Yes actually I do. Which is why I am questioning the validity of these blogs.”

9th February 2013

Simon Hall blogs to the cowerdly author

10th February 2013

Allegations of brainwashing JH

10th February 2013

Simon Hall Lets make this clear

11th February 2013
“The Real Mrs H ?@The_Real_Mrs_H
Mr’s H to be the new Pope!!!! Basing your life on a lie and attempting to convince people that you are right, no matter what! That’s me!!!!”

* The Real Mrs H Spoof Blog was published following Simon Halls first couple of blogs Spoof blog

The author of the spoof blog also gave lots of clues to Simon Halls guilt in the contents of their blog, along with further clues to their psychology and that of Simon Halls. The real Mrs H spoof blog

12th February 2013

“F**k off you troll! And shut the f**k up
E-mail: youareac**t@youareasadc**
URL: http://smellybitchface

14th February 2013

“Avoiding questions? Thats what you have done everytime you are asked a normal question by someone! For the record, we have never been interested in what you do, only that Simon is portrayed in a good way. All of this is not helping Simon one bit, so why not just stop and its over! You also need to stop accusing people of things, especially when they are in glass houses.”

14th February 2013

Injustice must end 14th February 2013

15th February 2013

“If it was anyone else ****** I probably wouldn’t laugh at it but since the person its on has slated all and sundry she deserves it, she cannot go round forums slating people, making lies up, harassing people and attacking them and have no repercussion. How many times have people reported her? And she’s still at it? Single handedly she has wrecked all of Stephanie Bon’s work, attacked Shaun Hall and his family who I find nothing but polite, lovely and honest people who are doing all they can in their situation. Stephanie Bon put her life on hold to help Simon and the fact she got Rough Justice on her side is a credit to her. I have no idea whether Simon is innocent or not because like everyone else I have only the information Stephanie Hall has relayed out and the other Simon site went offline before I had a chance to read, absorb, and take note of its content, however it was clear, concise and well put together.”

25th February 2013

Simon Hall is admitted to hospital following an overdose.

28th February 2013

Allegations made to the police J

28th February 2013

Letter from Hollesley prison Governor JH

28th February 2013

Allegations made to the police JH

I’m not having it – JH 28th February 2013

1st March 2013

Simon Hall released from hospital and returned to prison.

23rd March 2013

Joanne Howe 24th March 2013

25th March 2013

Simon Hall blogs PTSD

26th March 2013

Confirmation of forthcoming meeting with CCRC received:

Dear Mr Hall,

Re: Your application to the Commission

Thank you for your letter of 16 March 2013 and your consent for the Commission to obtain your medical your records.

Thank you also for agreeing to meet with us on Thursday 4 April.  The meeting will be with Mrs Celia Sophal and Mr Charles Moffat.  As previously mentioned both are members of Commission staff and neither has any direct involvement in your case previously (although both have now been briefed for the purposes of the interview).  They will aim to be at Hollesley Bay with a view to starting the interview at 11:00 am. 

We have been in touch with Mr Garner as Head of Residence and understand that a room is being made available. We also understand that lunch is at midday so depending on how much is covered by then, there may be some further matters to discuss in the afternoon.

We note also your comments about mentioning events to the duty nurse following the trial and will certainly keep this in mind when reviewing the documents.

Once you have met with my colleagues and they have reported back, we will decide how best to proceed with the review.

Thank you again for the prompt response.”

4th April 2013

Simon Hall met with the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) on the 4th April 2013.* During this meeting Simon is asked numerous questions, one was in relation to the numerous blogs he had written and asked his wife to publicise on his behalf.

*He had been due to meet with the CCRC earlier in the year but this meeting was delayed, until the CCRC felt Simon was competent and fit enough to take part in the interview.

Here is the full transcript of Simon Hall’s interview with the CCRC CCRC meeting

Hall’s wife learned about the burglary omission from a women in the village and Simon Hall knew this, yet still he chose to give further erroneous information to the CCRC.

Here is Simon Hall’s 4 page follow up letter to the CCRC Simon's comments CCRC 23rd April 2013 001


Simon's comments CCRC 23rd april 2013 p2-4 001Simon's comments CCRC 23rd april 2013 p3-4 001

Simon's comments CCRC 23rd April 2013 p4-4 001

Both Simon Hall and his brother did not tell the truth regarding how Hall’s wife had learned of the Zenith burglary.

Simon Hall knew his wife had learned from his brothers ex girlfriend as did their mother. Halls wife had spoken to Lynne Hall on the 5th November 2012, following her conversation with the women from the village and Halls mother had spoken to the Innocence Network UK(INUK) a few days later.

Initially Lynne Hall had told Halls wife she would call her a liar and deny any knowledge of the burglary discovery but several days later the INUK confirmed to Halls wife that his mother had not denied this. 

Who instigated the telling of the false story about how the burglary omission was discovered? Who was culpable of conspiring or were they all culpable? 

6th April 2013

Simon Hall blogs Stockholm syndrome & cutting family ties

12th April 2013

“Incorrect, you found out from your ex but confirmed by my mum and I doubt anyone was talking about it. Have you ever asked yourself why Simon didn’t tell you himself? You married him and he wasn’t honest with you?”

“Well yes, lets discuss things. As you know, I’m not comfortable with the evidence against simon. However, I don’t think you’re doing a particularly good job for him, in that you are implicating him in crimes he wasn’t previously associated with. I’m starting to wonder who’s side you’re on.”

“I don’t condone Simon not telling the police and I will always believe that, no matter what Simon or you say and as for anyone else, I cannot comment why they didn’t speak up. I myself only found out a few weeks before you did. I am allowed my own opinion and as for criticising Simon, I can, I am his brother and I have that right. He has done many wrong things in his life, most he will never admit too. I asked you to ask Simon to contact me recently but I assume you didn’t pass this on? Also its hard to assist when you state Simon doesn’t want any contact with his family? Please don’t reply with more abuse, its pointless, especially in your condition, you need to manage your stress.”

“You, of all people cannot say comments like this with all the crap you spout about. By the way, slander is spoken word, its libel in print, just so you can quote me in future. I am Simon’s brother, I know a lot of things that Simon has done and I know when he is backed into a corner, he lies. It’s his nature! Always has been.
I can say things like this because I know him. He may have changed since being in prison, but I seriously doubt it! Get back to the facts of the case which I believe is the point of this forum etc, there’s a good girl.”

“I save the word c**t just for you Stephanie. I have plenty of loving people around me and to be honest I don’t need to justify anything I did or didn’t do for Simon. He is my brother, ask him how many times I covered for him in his life, sorted out his battles for him. Its you I feel sorry for, as many people agree, you wouldn’t be looked at twice by Simon if he wasn’t where he is. Simon publicly shamed himself with his outburst in my opinion and as for him disowning my parents, that makes me laugh. I can guarantee both sides would be talking and resolving issues if you where not in the picture. Anyway, I really cannot be bothered to go over and over with you, it serves no purpose and makes me look stupid for rising to your comments. I should know better and be bigger and just let you rant. I have nothing to hide from anyone, I have nothing to be ashamed of and I truly hope Simon comes to his senses. I know why most people post on this forum, debate is healthy and I can see that you have done nothing to show Simon’s case in any light apart from one of despair. It is very sad and a long long way to how things where 5 years ago. One last time, please leave me and my family, Stephanie Bon and any other targets you choose alone. Stick the facts of the case, the evidence that shows Simon is innocent that we know exists, stop spreading lies like this is a TV soap, maybe just stick to your blog and your own website, nothing you bring to here shows you or Simon in a good light and if you are thinking you don’t care about how people perceive you both then you clearly do not understand the point of campaigning for Simon. I would ask that Stephanie be banned, but this always seems to be a fruitless question. She brings traffic to the website with her drivel and that makes the management happy. How this forum hasn’t been closed by now is beyond me and if it was my forum, I would be ashamed with the content and take action. I wont wait for that to happen but I do expect that you will carry on abusing me and mine Stephanie. Night.”

1st May 2013

“I believe Stephanie Bon, I have from the day I spoke to her and the same goes for Shaun Hall too. I admire their ability NOT to reply back to the accusations and lies leveled at them, it cannot be easy.”

1st May 2013

“I don’t want to be the harbinger of doom or anything, but having recently read the case I seriously think Simon Hall is guilty as sin. Now if a person was in fact innocent, why would they lie? Why does he concoct a story that is simply not true? Or, are we to believe he was just confused? Now we have to ask ourselves this; is this man truly innocent as he and his wife proclaims he is or is he just another violent, murdering sociopath who brutally murdered a defenseless old lady for her money and is trying to squirm out of his punishment? I can’t help thinking the latter.” 

9th May 2013

“Why is it so hard for you to answer questions? Is it because you felt guilty for letting Simon down or is the truth you realised he didn’t want you anymore? For the record I am not related to Simon but we were close once. Do you not think you have done enough damage? It’s all over the other red forum about your lies. How do you sleep? You clearly need help. Help yourself Stephanie and stop.”

June 2013

Screenshots of original Injustice Must End Twitter Account – Copied June 2013

3rd June 2013

“I am sorry to hear this news. Why did Simon take so many of the tablets? If he had the box as you have said, he would also have the leaflet which is inside the box, and this explains very clearly the side effects of taking too many. I know because I have had these tablets myself to help me to stop smoking. Has he been very depressed?”

“No you nearly lost Simon due to the fact he took an overdose of these tablets on top of whatever else it was he was taking. It is not the prison’s fault if he did this.”

7th June 2013

Letter dated 7th June 2013 sent to Simon from his brother saying that he just heard about his overdose in February 2013 and stating;

I have written to your prison governor to ask that I be notified if anything was to happen to you just as a precaution

11th June 2013

News article re Hollesley prison EADT news article

20th June 2013

“You do so underestimate me as you will find out to your detriment.I can handle reeping what I sow, keep attacking me and expect retaliation-simple, you need to shut up and think before you post”

8th July 2013

Simon Hall blogs Can you help?

17th July 2013

In response to a question asking who was behind the following spoof blog set up in order to abuse Simon Hall’s wife, Simon’s brother publicly stated the following:

“Personally, I am looking forward to you making out you know and then accusing everyone who you have annoyed and upset. I wouldn’t be surprised if you accuse me first.”

He then went on to publicly state:

17th July 2013

“How’s Simon and just out of interest, why are you exactly requiring donations for a campaign that you are doing nothing with? Stamps and envelopes? Both you and Simon are deluded if you think that you can bully so many people and then expect them to help you. I would be ashamed if I was Simon. You really are despicable and I am glad it won’t be long before Simon see’s the truth. Getting worried yet?”

“So, come on, tell the world your findings about the mystery Mrs H, which I admit is hilariously spot on. Actually I will guess you have no clue and as things are all quiet on the horizon, you feel the need to make up new lies which usually contradict the old lies.”

‘Hate’ is a strong word which is over used commonly, a little bit like the word ‘Love’ actually. I think ‘Hate’ should be left to describe something or someone that deeply and emotionally you dislike. I don’t expect you to see the difference though, it’s ok.”

“Lets see…Jeopardised Simon’s campaign on many occasion. I believe you also are the cause for several relationships to break down. You lie constantly and even hide important information about Simon from his family like him taking an overdose for one, secondly that he was then admitted to hospital. A sane person would have realised that some things are a little too far, regardless of the situation. You control Simon who is extremely vulnerable. You fail to show up to visits to punish him and you have alienated his entire family from him. Spread rumours about as many people as possible and then expect everyone to help you because you are a little short of cash. Sell your car maybe? Stop smoking? Get a job to help you finance things? Easier to hold your hand out isn’t it.”

“I wish I had written it! Funny how I am criticising you right now but you don’t see it. Simon has his part to play in this situation but he is still a victim. You just want to be one so badly it shows.”

Then in response to the following; again made on 17th July 2013

“Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) is also known as psychopathy or
sociopathy. Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the
feeling and welfare of others. As a clinical diagnosis it is usually
limited to those over age 18. It can be diagnosed in younger people
if the they commit isolated antisocial acts and do not show signs of
another mental disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder is chronic, beginning in adolescence
and continuing throughout adulthood. There are ten general

not learning from experience
no sense of responsibility
inability to form meaningful relationships
inability to control impulses
lack of moral sense
chronically antisocial behavior
no change in behavior after punishment
emotional immaturity
lack of guilt

People with this disorder may exhibit criminal behavior. They may
not work. If they do work, they are frequently absent or may quit
suddenly. They do not consider other people’s wishes, welfare or
rights. They can be manipulative and may lie to gain personal
pleasure or profit. They may default on loans, fail to provide child
support, or fail to care for their dependents adequately. High risk
sexual behavior and substance abuse are common. Impulsiveness,
failure to plan ahead, aggressiveness, irritability, irresponsibility,
and a reckless disregard for their own safety and the safety of
others are traits of the antisocial personality.

Socioeconomic status, gender, and genetic factors play a role.
Males are more likely to be antisocial than females. Those from
lower socioeconomic groups are more susceptible. A family history
of the disorder puts one at higher risk.

There are many theories about the cause of Antisocial Personality
Disorder including experiencing neglectful parenting as a child, low
levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, and belief that
antisocial behavior is justified because of difficult circumstances.
Psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy are common
treatments. The effects of medical treatment are inconclusive.
Unfortunately, most people with Antisocial Personality Disorder
reject treatment. Therefore, recovery rates are low.

Simon Hall’s brother made the following public statement in relation to ASPD:

“Are you attempting to describe Simon? I’m glad I had a good upbringing with loving parents who I show respect to. I also wore the fake tie to school, didn’t do me any harm. To think that I could have been so affected by being so lucky”

“To summarise, you have nothing to say. Why you are allowed to continue to post is beyond me but that is up to the forum admins. God only knows why they put up with you but I would assume it’s more a ratings war between the ‘other’ forum. Speaking of which, more questions for you on there if you ever decide to answer any. Night Stephanie. Give my love to my brother (I have two ‘bio’ brothers btw) and I hope he is doing better and if he needs money then please ask him to write to me and I will do my best to help where I can.”

In response to being asked if he was a Sociopath, Hall’s brother publicly stated:

“If you say I am then I must be. To be completely honest with you, I am glad you think it is me. Does that mean we are married in your weird world then too? I hope not. That wouldn’t be nice. I post under my name, always have and always will. I am not afraid to confront you when you are being pathetic and you are right now. It’s easy to hide behind your computer but the world can see the damage you have caused. I also only email you from my own email account or from this account. I have no need to fake anything. Be serious for a change! I hadn’t realised you had a phd or similar expertise in psychology, you really do have a deep understanding of the human condition. Do you read much? I guess it’s hard still learning how to spell, never mind using joined up writing or reading. Everyone surely can see how you act. Blame everyone for your inconsistent lies and your outbursts when really you are seemingly the one that has issues but you just don’t see it. Who in there right mind seeks out a prisoner and marries them cutting off his family from him so you can have him all to yourself.
Isn’t it a little pathetic all of this posting accusations online and spending your time on forums? surely you have more important things to do or do you think your ‘impressive but also sad like’ post count will help Simon be free? Do you think that you alone can support him when he is released? I am shocked you both think its wrong Simon shouldn’t be allowed to locate himself in Ipswich. Really? Why don’t you start actually proving things for a change. Come on Steph-a-me-flip-flop, get on the ball and see the bigger picture. You have done things wrong but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Surely you can try and see the damage you have done and the path you have forced Simon down? I bet one day you will and then it will be too late.”

30th June 2013

Blue forum abuse 30th June 2013 JH

19th July 2013

“I realise my posts are not contributing either however whilst I know she will never answer any questions asked I like to try to show her she cannot get away with her random attacks on others including myself and my family. The forum allows her to continue so I am allowed my view to be heard just like hers. My only reasoning for joining is to defend my family and friends. I bid you all good night and whoever is behind the other website, sleep safe in the knowledge that Mrs Flip-Flop doesn’t have a clue who you are. Long may you post and for others to enjoy. But then I would say that, I am a sociopath.”

“You truly are pathetic and nothing you say is ever true. Can you try to post something sensible about the case maybe? Simon’s condition perhaps or even anything that doesn’t involve you slandering someone or lying? Try and you might actually generate some interest in Simon’s case and divert a lot of the bad publicity he has had over the last few years. It’s sad you think you believe your actions are helping. If you were doing things positively then you might find more people are willing to listen.
Maybe even answer questions people ask. You wanted complete control over his case and you have it, but you don’t do anything and you’re always moaning. Bit pathetic.
Just a thought….”

“Stephanie, seriously how many times do you want to ask this question and me answer you the same? I did what I could as a brother, ask Simon. I sent money, bought him a games console, sent magazines but eventually our relationship broke down. Mainly my fault as I was suffering myself from depression for several reasons and as much as Simon is a victim, his family and friends were also affected, even you know that I am sure. I could have done more I know but I do know one thing. I never did anything that jeopardised Simon’s case in anyway. You have done nothing positive and everyone can see that. You attack me like you know me but yet it is always you that causes the arguments and throws accusations and lies around. From you. It was posted somewhere by you that Simon took the whole box of zyban. Which is an overdose. I cannot find the post now but I know I saw it and others have agreed. I wrote to Simon about it as I felt he must have been so low to do this and that was then he asked the prison to write to me and tell me he asked me not write to him anymore. You already know this I am sure. It was around the time Simon rang his mother to say he had seen the light and realised you were indeed mad and that he needed help but you soon got your claws back in him didn’t you. Your last post is just odd. How on earth can you post like that? Is everyone supposed to feel guilty for something? Are you expecting the public to read that and be on your side. You’re effectively trying to bully people into believing Simon is innocent. I agree with Simon’s innocence, but I don’t ever agree with your methods. I think its time to call an end to this ridiculous show Stephanie. Mistakes and missed opportunities have been made by many people, me included. I know I could have done more for him and I should have, but you have no clue about the relationship he and I had and you never will.
We are brothers, we are family by blood, not by law. One day he and I will talk and one day he and I will settle our disagreements and move on. Until then I will keep the door open a little for him. It is what families do for each other. I don’t care anymore if Simon chooses his life with you but I do care that you stop your internet war using Simon as ammo. It is pathetic and you need to see you have done nothing positive in 4 years and now because of YOU Simon has no other family or friends. Obviously everyone involved would help Simon if he asked, you just don’t let him do you? That is indeed a sad situation. Think on and think hard about what you are doing please for Simon’s sake. Stop the begging for money and let Simon ask for help directly. Stop the arguments online and repeated attacks at people who have done nothing but support you and Simon.”

“Despicable? really? Idiot! My mum still believes in simon and his innocence, regardless of what your thoughts are. You are correct Simon had not seen his mum but that is besides the point. I don’t do interviews simply because I don’t think I would come across well. Very much like you on this forum. I would agree to this point, I cannot however understand your negligence to inform his family of the events nor can I ever understand why you think Simon is the victim in this situation when he was taking drugs which caused the reaction. Surely he should have thought about it. I would also imagine the past 4 years of your constant negligence towards him has not helped himAnyway, as usual its the same stuff, just a different day. Be creative for a change and maybe grow up at the same time. You see I can answer your questions in a sensible and mature manner, you however have never answered a single one. You are making yourself look like a bigger fool that I thought you were.”

“No Stephanie, you discredit yourself and if you haven’t been to St Clements perhaps you should consider it? I went voluntarily when I realised I needed some help.  But we all know you don’t need help, you’re fine and dandy aren’t you?  Nothing wrong with your behaviour at all, it’s completely normal.”

“Before this is locked, I want to wish Shaun and his family all the best. What a decent man, under such disgraceful attacks.”

“Thanks guys I appreciate your support. I just wish Simon had a better wife. ***** to be honest it is only Stephanie airing her vile views and I like to come back on to remind you all that I am watching still and will never let her just post what she likes because you or the mods don’t want to ban her. It is pathetic you all moan about the ‘red’ forum and what’s been posted but you really cannot see that if you all grew up and let go of the nutty ones you might get a better audience. No doubt when the mod’s do come they will remove all of the last few days but twat bag will still be able to post what she likes. It’s a shame so many people care about what they look like on an internet forum. Seems like the perspective has been lost somewhere. Does no-one actually talk to people face to face anymore? Before you lock down this thread, because to be honest I would prefer a freak-free weekend, Stephanie just remember you are the one that looks pathetic. You have two websites (plus another about you which I wonder if you write yourself as it is so spot on!) and this thread and that is your culmination of four years ‘hard’ work.
Well done. You are just simply the best. Idiot.”

Hall’s wife kept her husband regularly updated with regards all public statements made at the time and within a few days of the last public statements, he confessed.

23rd July 2013 – Simon Hall confesses to the murder

Immediately following the confession, Simon Hall was placed on what the prison refer to as an ACCT (Assessment, Care in Custody & Teamwork). The police were informed of the confession, who subsequently informed the victims family.

Within a day or two of the confession, Hall also replied to the CCRC (who had faxed the prison a legal document addressed to Hall). Hall met with the prison Governor who witnessed Hall signing the document. The document stated Hall wished the CCRC to stop all investigations in relations to his application as he had confessed to the crime. The CCRC document also asked if Hall wished his representative (Dr Michael Naughton) and wife to be sent copies; he said no.

27th July 2013

“Does anyone know why Stephanie Hall has removed all of her posts from this website? Is it to cover something up or has she just given up on Simon now?”

“Actually it is my business and if the mods and owners had done more to stop her vile abuse (I dare anyone to defend her) on here then it would have never been an issue. Personally I hope she is gone for good. I doubt anyone else will understand why unless you have been attacked by her.”

“Indeed you do have the right to choose who your friends are but can you really justify anything she has done on here? Simon is the victim yet she wails on about how hard everything is and she has divided our family to a point I fear that it will take a miracle for us to get back together but I hope we can.”

8th August 2013

“I was thinking about Stephanie trying to raise funds and she seemed pretty desperate.  Now I am wondering if she was trying to get a lie detector test done ?”

8th August 2013

Mrs Hall said: “I’m absolutely shocked because I know he is innocent and I still believe he is.

“But it’s the system. If he had pleaded guilty in the beginning, he would be home now.

“I know he has been really low and in hospital recently. He’s given up.”

Mrs Hall added: “I believe he feels he can’t take any more after all the fight he has put up and how brave he has been.

“If that’s his decision, that’s his decision but I will never believe that.” Mrs Lynne Hall – EADT

8th August 2013

“I hear what you are saying ** but I don’t buy that. I thought of it, but that does not make sense to me either.  Why would he want to be freed as the convicted murderer of that poor old lady after protesting innocence for so long? He is either very mentally ill or new evidence could have appeared? Things could have happened since the other confession re the robbery? Who knows.  Whatever has happened, the police have informed Mrs Albert’s family. Who will no doubt also be being harassed by media. I would imagine the newspapers are chasing all over trying to find the answer to why this has happened now.”

8th August 2013

Guardian – Man confesses to murder after a decade trying to clear his name

Telegraph – Killer admits murder 12 years on costing taxpayers £500000

Independent – Simon Hall admits he murdered 79 year old Joan Albert

Daily Mail – Killer Simon Hall who protested innocence for 12 years admits he did murder pensioner

The Sun – Widow killer Simon Hall admits guilt ten years on

The Times – Killer Simon Hall ends 12 year Rough Justice campaign

9th August 2013

“the plot thickens, Capel St Mary: Killer Simon Hall admits guilt – but he didn’t confess to authorities first”

“suppose it depends who the third party was and what information they gave? I think there will be more to hear on this.”

“I would think they recorded his formal confession he made after this came to light to the prison authorities. I think there will be more coming out about this at some point.”

“from the article yesterday it says they asked him. I don’t know for sure though but surely he has to be asked by them even though she had power of attorney?”

“Joan Albert murder: Simon Hall supporters respond to confession
Dr Michael Naughton told how he received a letter last week from Hall’s wife Stephanie telling him her husband had admitted the murder and asking him to close the case down.
“We are not shocked – we are alive to the possibility that a lot of people who say they are innocent are not.
“We are looking for needles in haystacks in our project.
“It is quite sad in terms of the waste of resources and the distress to (Mrs Albert’s) family members when it turns out like this.”
And the “thousands of hours” Bristol law students have spent on the Hall case, said Dr Naughton, could easily have been spent on “somebody else’s case”.

9th August 2013

Ray Hollingsworth give his initial reaction to Simon Halls confession

10th August 2013

“I feel sorry for Mrs Albert and his family. I knew of him at school and it was a shock.
I didn’t understand the wife though really, she seemed more about attention for herself than anything. Still she must be feeling sad after all she married a murderer. That’s not something you do normally. Are you sure Simons confession is real?”

“I only asked if his wife was still here? She disappeared quick didn’t she! I bet she felt gutted along with his family. Ive read slit if things like this and it’s the families that suffer. Poor woman must be feeling like she was such a fool. I can see he made a statement suggesting he was guilty but I can only guess it was for parole next year right? Silly man through it all away”

“I’m not so sure. I think his wife had something to with his sudden admittance. If you read his own words only earlier this year he states he didn’t do it and then after months of arguments with her he admits it to a cell mate . I dont know if I believed it. I guess we will never know.”

“I heard the wife claims she has a copy but it’s been proven to be a lie. Has anyone seen anything that proves he did it? I doubt he saw her as a threat, he just used her to cause problems and it seems she was used by him just as much. I had heard from a friend he didnt see her because she was abusive towards his mum. That goes against him being so much of a monster towards her doesn’t it? Anyway I guess we will never know the truth, not like he will be on here is it!”

10th August 2013

“has anyone any idea why he has confessed now? seems so odd”

11th August 2013

“I have no sympathy for her whatsoever, she knew what the score was when she married him and has spent numerous hours attacking people, being about Simon’s case and being vindictive towards everyone and anyone. I find any sympathy shown to her to be naive  and ill thought out especially since the last think she did was to beg money from people via the internet. She also said she’d had donations, donations from people who probably thought Simon was innocent, so I hope she’s paid it all back.
I also cannot be sympathetic to Simon’s ‘mental state’ either, he chose to take illegal substances and also chose to take umpteen Zyban. The whole point of open conditions is that you are taking a step to freedom which includes following the label on prescriptions. There has been little though about Stephanie Bon who did truly believe Simon to be innocent and was there for him when he needed it, she spent considerable time trying to get support for Simon, Rough Justice took Simon’s case on and it cost Miss Bon several thousand pounds yet she remains dignified and this has been devestating to her, I have compassion for Miss Bon because she is dignified and run her campaign for the right reasons.
This case makes other miscarriages look horrendously bad and has cost a hell of a lot of money, time and good will of a lot of people including Michael Mansfield QC et al.”

11th August 2013

“Which is more probable, that after Simon’s last appeal was rejected, knowing that it was the best chance he was ever going to have, which was followed my months and months of psychological abuse and mind games by the person who drove every last one of the thousands of supporters he had away with vile and malicious on and offline feuds such that he finally couldn’t take any more, he cracked, or that Roy Lambert was right all along despite all of the evidence to the contrary and everyone else was wrong? I personally lost respect for Simon some time ago but I didn’t lose the compassion and humanity I would need to before I could ignore the above, the facts of the past don’t get erased by the words of the present.
Simon might well have been progressing better than others through the prison system in that respect despite maintaining innocence, and it very much looked like he was about to join the exceptionally rare few who were released on or close to minimum tariff despite it, but there is little doubt in my mind that someone sending the parole board an abusive letter over a dispute where he could be reintegrated into society upon release shortly before his confession will have done that progress absolutely no good whatsoever.

Unsurprisingly, the MOJ community has been damaged with many feeling bitter and betrayed as they stand up for those they believe are innocent. It’s understandable, particularly for those who played no part in the train crash that was the latter stages of his online presence or behind the scenes in some cases too, or the many who tried in vain to stop it. Many people put a lot of time and effort into researching the case, trying to help find the truth in any way they could, and who can blame any of them for feeling they should’ve spent the years on someone/something else instead – that it was a waste of time and effort?  They are not to blame for their carefully considered opinions, and shouldn’t be condemned for having the courage and commitment to look beyond the trial verdict when it’s made so incredibly hard find support for doing so. Nor should any other potential MOJ victims be further vilified for their own plights or the people who support them, and the media shouldn’t be criticised for doing what a society with a free press requires that it should – to probe and question an otherwise effectively unaccountable system.

There is worry about other cases being taken seriously in future, and the many who know of someone who was investigated by SIO Roy Lambert they believe is innocent in particular are finding it hard to witness his gloating whether he’s right or not. Change is always disconcerting, and things will certainly be different now, though for some the effects will be deeper and longer lasting than for others. Simon’s family have dealt with this remarkably well and people shouldn’t be too quick to condemn their continued belief in his innocence, after all it might very well be true.

So what do the MOJ community, the media and other related parties have to do now in the wake of this? In reality despite the damage it has caused far and wide, everyone needs to do the same thing they’ve always had to do – consider the evidence separate from their emotions and judge it for what it is, present it as it is and not stop looking and questioning everything until the answers have been found as they should have been in the first place – beyond reasonable doubt. People supporting someone incarcerated for something they believe they haven’t done need to look at how Simon was supported and learn from the mistakes, whether his confession is true or not, because while it’s easy to blame him in isolation for the harm done, if it’s a false confession your loved ones never ever ever need put in the position he was in to end up with and you can’t do that looking only at the 10 letter word confession and his other perceived option may well have been suicide if he really just couldn’t take it anymore. Billy Middleton – Wrongly Accused Person Website 

Background of Billy Middleton

11th August 2013

“I am sure Stephanie Hall is totally devastated by this news as are others. We do not know if Stephanie is still with him or not?  Her facebook is still up so who knows
The very least Simon Hall owes his family, friends and supporters is an explanation.
Will he give it? I very much doubt it.”

“The £20,000 was meant to come from compensation they were so sure Simon Hall would receive. It was an IOU £20,000 ONLY payable if he is innocent and granted compensation.”

12th August 2013

“Anyone ever considered that Stephanie Hall could have been a plant, to get a confession? Seems odd that there is nothing much in news except his confession. This story should be huge news yet is not.  mmmmm”

21st August 2013

“I haven’t commented on the Simon Hall situation because, like everyone else, I don’t know all of the facts. As far as taking things at face value is concerned, are the critics suggesting that Dr Michael Naughton, the entire innocence project, the various other experts who were involved, the MPs and  campaign groups  and documentary makers  ALL took the claims of innocence at face value, or is that just reserved for me? Is it also being suggested that stirling University and the Scottish centre for Crime and Justice Research, as well as their external examiners also accept research at face value? Please, a little common sense!
If it turns out that Simon Halls confession is genuine, made in sound mind, without any coercion or pressure, then I will willingly hold up my hands and say I got it wrong. That doesn’t, however, take away from the fact that the conviction was obtained on the flimsiest evidence (so said the DPP himself)  and that should sound an alarmfor everyone that wrongfulconvictions of innocent people are inevitable if such weak circumstantial cases are not robustly challenged. I, for one, would rather keep on questioning until there are convincing answers to the unanswered questions in cases like this , of course there will be times when the person turns out to be guilty as charged, but in the words of Roy Ramm, I want to see solid building blocks of evidence – otherwise, we’re depending on blind faith, and handing over out right to know that truePp justice is being obtained in return for “trust us, we know who the bad guys are” placations.”

13th August 2013

Dee – 16th August 2013

14th August 2013

Karen 14th August 2013

5th September 2013

‘Gobsmacked’, some said. Others were ‘Stunned’, writes Julie Price. But whatever the language of choice for miscarriage of justice observers, the common reaction to Simon Hall’s confession last month was: ‘We didn’t see that coming.’

Setting aside any questions (and there are many) as to the circumstances surrounding his confession after maintaining innocence for 12 years, this turn of events will not have helped the cases of genuine victims of wrongful conviction, as suggested in early reactions from the ‘no smoke without fire’ brigade.

Hall’s case was played out on a very public stage. It was different to most others partly because of the ferocity of the campaign and its soap opera qualities. There were family feuds. One Stephanie (Bon) created a Justice4Simon website, facilitated the involvement of the BBC and worked relentlessly giving vital early support, only to be replaced by another Stephanie, who married Hall in prison. Stephanie Hall argued with many.

But the loyal wife’s dogged determination led to the CCRC apparently bowing to pressure and giving her regular updates on their work, a service that evaded others conducting cases more quietly.

As well as press releases from Bristol University and its related Innocence Network UK (INUK), there was other regular web activity, with vitriolic outpourings by rival forum members using pseudonyms, being enthralled and appalled in equal measure by the slanging matches that were played out for all to see.

Hall’s case was played out on a very public stage. It was different to most others partly because of the ferocity of the campaign and its soap opera qualities. There were family feuds. One Stephanie (Bon) created a Justice4Simon website, facilitated the involvement of the BBC and worked relentlessly giving vital early support, only to be replaced by another Stephanie, who married Hall in prison. Stephanie Hall argued with many.

But the loyal wife’s dogged determination led to the CCRC apparently bowing to pressure and giving her regular updates on their work, a service that evaded others conducting cases more quietly.

As well as press releases from Bristol University and its related Innocence Network UK (INUK), there was other regular web activity, with vitriolic outpourings by rival forum members using pseudonyms, being enthralled and appalled in equal measure by the slanging matches that were played out for all to see. Read more here The Justice Gap – Julie Price

9th September 2013

“What a thoughtful piece. What surprises me is how little media sneering there has been, and I’ve been trying to work out why. My sad conclusion is that it is yet another reflecton of the fact that miscarriages of justice have fallen so far off the public and media radar that we aren’t worth a story even when we get it wrong.
I don’t think it is right to put that down to the ending of programmes like Rough Justice and Trial and Error – their demise was the consequence of this apathy; the people who commission television these days just don’t ‘get’ these concerns – and if they do, they regard them, as did one head of Channel 4, as ‘rather eighties’. Civics is not top of the list in today’s media world. Maybe it’s because the Irish cases are no longer fresh; maybe it’s because emphasis on the victims of crime leaves less room for the concern over the victims of justice; maybe it’s because the CCRC is deemed to be there to put things right; maybe it’s because Thatcher’s children now run the media playground; maybe people have legitimate, new social, moral or political concerns; maybe because fewer people will have concerns about historic or intrafamilial child sex cases after the odious Savile.
My CCRC friends tell me that this just shows how ‘unsafety’ rather than innocence should be the criterion. I’ve never bought that. Such a view simply entrenches that bloodless tendency which reduces injustice to the formulaic, tick box exercise so comfortable for lawyers (one extremely grand lawyer believed the CCRC should be ‘the anteroom to the Court of Appeal’) I wanted to refer Simon Hall because I believed (wrongly) that he didn’t do it. I know it’s not very lawyerly, but I’m rather less interested in giving the guilty a get-out-of-jail-free card. Speaking only for myself, I think if I was incapable of imagining the plight of someone (Sally Clark, anyone?) who had lost freedom, family, hope for something he or she had not done…. then I might have gone into advertising instead.
It is a lesson for INUK that you always have to reserve a part of your brain for the possibility that the person you campaign for just might be guilty. A belief in innocence is vital, but not to the exclusion of key critical faculties. I’d like to hear from Michael Naughton on this.”


15th November 2013

“What’s the latest on Mr Hall? Not seen any updates for a while? Last person I heard from was on Facebook by Mrs Hall.  Anyone know why she disappeared?
Did anything come of Mr Halls appeal for reduced sentence because of abuse he suffered by his adopted Mother and Brother?”

10th December 2013

“I agree. His family were devastated and it really affected them. I cannot speak of his wife as I don’t know her but I heard she caused a lot of trouble and even sent fliers out with people’s names on she accused of the murder when she knew apparently.  Anyone know what’s his current location?”

No idea. Doubtful though. Simon was always a jack I lad and getting in trouble. It doesn’t fit.
I mentioned it previously because I wondered who started it. Since speaking to the family I know he has lied to everyone, especially the wife. Simon caused a lot of trouble for the family with drugs and money issues. Communication broke down and simon stopped writing and doing anything. No wonder really as he couldn’t cope. I saw him once and he was not the guy I remember at school. The family didn’t do anything bad as I can see, they tried but it’s a tough situation imho. When the wife came on the scene she lied and I heard stole money from them and even rang Simons estranged family. Not very good behaviour but I think she knew it all along.

13th December 2013

“Ill ask again about Simon as this isn’t the Kevin thread, does anyone know where simon is at the mo? Has anyone actually seen his confession. After reading about his original statement it seems clear there is a time gap but I cant see how he did it without leaving proof!”

23rd February 2014

Simon Hall dies, after being found unresponsive in his prison cell.

23rd February 2014

oh dear that was a bit out the blue any idea as to the cause

24th February 2014

“Everyone associated with Wrongly Accused Person, and indeed United Against Injustice were saddened and shocked to hear the news, and would like to express our sincere condolences to Simon’s nearest and dearest. There can be no dispute that recent years have been difficult for them, however now in their darkest hour I feel it appropriate to acknowledge not only the traumatic effect that his passing will have on those who truly cared for him, but also that he may well have been innocent after all. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.” By Billy Middleton 

25th February 2014

well to me the confessions questionable because the fact hes now dead means he probely wasnt in the best health when he made it.

I was curious as to the circumstances surrounding his confession. I don’t know but got the impression he was not in a good state of mind. However a man has died and my thoughts are with his family who fought his corner bravely
26th February 2014
I’ve reworded it slightly, it was a post made in the early hours after a long and at times fraught day, whereby during a United Against Injustice meeting I’d received a call with the news. The consensus at the time was not that the debate was finished, but rather the circumstances where it could continue realistically hadn’t existed for some time instead.In any event, wording it as a possibility rather than something more certain is more appropriate but I haven’t been able to update it until now.