Events following death of Simon Hall


10th March 2014

Excerpts of Message sent to Halls wife by Shaun Hall

Simon even saw mum recently and told her all about the truth about the confession. We have access to all of these things but I don’t want a war or carry on with this stupidity, let my family and his friends say goodbye please I beg you. If it meant I don’t go then can you let everyone else? I don’t want to go down the solicitor and police route, it’s tiresome and were both better than all of this. Please see sense about his parents and friends.

and then another followed not long after;

I see you decided against seeing sense and being human. That’s fine with me and I’ll pas it all over to Selene at inquest. I have everything you have ever put online especially the stuff about Simon last year and also letters from Simon about your divorce and your lies. It’s a shame you has to play games. We only wanted to say goodbye to our simon. You never knew the real simon and you never will now. You did this and I blame you for his death. Take care and see you in court.

13th March 2014

Message from Halls brother Kelvin Walton to Hall’s wife;

Referring to his sister;

Hi steph i dont know how to forward on the message but she sent it at 17.39 yesterday. it says: kelvin just to let you know that you are not allowed to simons funeral. me shaun and steph believe that i should be there as ive never met simon and this will be my only chance. take this how you want but weve all agreed. so abide by this as we dont want trouble. I wrote it down word for word and wrote it again in this text. when i saw the name steph thats why i rang you. hope this help. speak soon

Kelvin befriended Halls wife following Simon Halls death and told her he was not in contact with any of Simon Halls biological or adoptive family members. He had agreed to not release the date of Halls funeral to anyone.

He had been to visit his brother at the Chapel of rest and agreed to be a pallbearer at his funeral.

On the day of the funeral it became apparent to all that he had gone against his agreement; but rather than take responsibility for this he blamed ‘a scottish man?’

He also backed out at the last minute and decided he wouldn’t carry Halls coffin into the crematorium because he said after what he (it’s presumed he was referring to himself?) had done it didn’t feel right. Words to that effect.

March 2014

Simon Halls adoptive parents unexpectedly turn up at Halls wife’s home and post a letter through her door. The police were called and Halls parents are warned to stay away.

17th April 2014

Simon Halls funeral

18th April 2014

Message from Kelvin to Halls wife;

Also its like i said before a scottish man had already told everyone.”

and then another message followed not long after;


Hi steph i know you probably hate me but please believe me when i say i had a weak moment and thought simon needed his whole family around him for his last day. i wasnt playing you i only told them last night. i dont know if you noticed but i sat behind his family and yourself as i didnt want to cause any upset to any of you. its up to you whether you believe me or not. ps thank you for the easter egss for the kids it was really nice of you.

18th April 2014

Public statement made by Shaun Hall

A big thank you to everyone who came yesterday, Simon would have been touched by the love shown to his family. Keep smiling Si you’re always in our hearts

21st April 2014

Text message to Halls wife from Kelvin (Excerpt);

you stated to me in your phone conversation that you knew simon was going to end his life. you even read out the letter he wrote to you telling you how he wrote to you telling you how he was going to do it. but you didnt tell the prison. therefore simons death is on your hands so you will be held accountable for his death. i will be showing relevvant people the adoption records as you are not allowed to show anyone yet you are sharing them. if you had proof from simon that he didnt want his own family there then why not produce the letter. simon told me that he wanted to make amends with his family. the police will be informed of your actions. there is only one person to blame for simons death and thats you. you drove him to his death. its your fault hes not here today.

30th April 2014

Text message to Halls wife from Kelvin Walton;

Well i see your still alive. why dont you do everyone a favour and go kill yourself. the only people who that will turn up to your funeral will be making sure your definately dead.

May 2014


KW 9th May 2014

KW1 9th May 2014

John 10th May 2014

Puglove 10th May 2014 – Did you know he tried to retract it

KW 11th May 2014

JH 11th May 2014

KW 12th May 2014

BC 12th May 2014

BC1 12th May 2014

KW1 12th May 2014

KW2 12th May 2014

KW3 12th May 2014

KW4 12th May 2014

KW5 12th May 2014

KW6 12th May 2014

Misc 16th May 2014

18th June 2014

KW 18th June 2014

20th June 2014

Lincs police confirm harassment PIN served re Mr Kelvin Walton






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